Real estate purchase without equity
- with a fair construction loan from credit

Realizing the dream of owning your own home - financing can also make sense without equity

Young couples in particular who are building a life together, starting a family and want to build or buy a house in the process, often do not have enough equity to finance a home. Until now, the rule of thumb in the industry was to bring in at least 20 to 30 percent of the required amount of your own funds, so that at least the ancillary purchase costs are covered. But in a phase of low interest rates, it may even make more sense to take out a home loan without equity now instead of saving up capital for years, for which you hardly get any savings interest at the bank. The individual financial situation must of course be checked in each individual case. The decision should be carefully considered. Would you like to know whether mortgage lending without equity is worthwhile for you? The mortgage experts at Best Credit will be happy to calculate various scenarios for you and vary factors such as interest rate development, fixed interest rates, repayment rate and term. This offers you the ideal basis for decision-making for or against a home loan without equity.

Mortgage lending even in difficult cases thanks to careful credit checks and special mortgage lending programs

We don't just stubbornly work through a catalog of criteria - we check every financing request individually and with the necessary care. While most banks generally reject applicants with negative Schufa or excessively high installment credit charges, these are not per se reasons for a rejection for us. We work with financing partners who enable building financing even if the Schufa is negative - even without equity. It is true that the interest rate is higher in this case. But if our customer is financially able to pay his current mortgage installments on time according to his credit check, nothing stands in the way of a disbursement of the mortgage.

Request without obligation and free of charge

Are you currently thinking about mortgage lending, but have little or no equity? Simply send us your financing request - we will check your request without obligation and of course without processing fees. You will receive a personal contact person who is available for all questions and requests. After a credit check, you will receive your individual mortgage offer. In doing so, you do not enter into any obligations, you can decide in peace whether you want to accept our offer. We advise you without obligation and free of charge!

Bank-independent, customer-oriented and 25 years of experience

When it comes to mortgage lending, customers have been able to count on us for over 25 years. There are many providers on the German market. But Best Credit , a brand of Hegner & Möller GmbH, has been working with all relevant building finance partners on the market for over 25 years and has also set itself the task of not only serving "ideal" customers, but also supporting customers in particular, who can afford mortgage lending, but have been rejected by their house bank due to criteria that are often incomprehensible. Our core competence is therefore not only in the area of ​​standard mortgage products, but also in the area of ​​financing solutions for special customer segments. Our portfolio includes many special programs such as construction financing without equity, construction financing despite Schufa or installment loan rescheduling at real estate conditions.

Many can afford to buy their own property - even without equity


Rental apartment

Monthly rent: € 800.00


Property purchase price:
(e.g. house + property)
€ 250,000.00
Additional purchase costs:
(Real estate transfer tax, notary, etc.)
€ 20,000.00
Financing amount: € 270,000.00
Financing rate: € 787.50

* with 3.5% annuity (e.g. 2% interest + 1.5% repayment)

Home loan

Good to know:

The alternative to mortgage lending without equity capital would be to save up capital for years and only realize the dream of owning a home later. But currently there is little to no return on most investment products. In contrast, it is currently very cheap to borrow money from the bank. In around 10 years, the interest rate level for mortgage lending has probably already risen significantly. Whether it is better to conclude a cheap home loan without equity or whether it is better to save capital yourself and postpone your home finance project by 5 - 10 years cannot be answered in a general way, but is always an individual decision. Our construction finance experts will be happy to advise you.

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    Michael F. from Berlin

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    We make your dream of your own home come true - even without equity

    In general, it is advantageous to use your own funds to cover a certain part of the purchase price when purchasing a property. This reduces the loan amount and therefore also your costs. In addition to cash, current account and savings balances, home loan and savings contracts that are ready for allocation can also be considered as equity. But not everyone who buys a house has sufficient liquid funds or can dispose of their financial investments in the short term. The money saved is often tied up in securities or life insurance, for example, and cannot be liquidated in the short term. When the right property has been found and all other framework conditions are in place, many property buyers do not want to wait any longer and take the chance to realize their dream of owning their own home. In such cases, mortgage lending without equity can be the solution.

    Banks require higher interest rates for mortgage lending without equity capital. However, full financing in a phase of low interest rates may even be cheaper than building financing with equity in times of high interest rates. When you have found the property you want, mortgage lending without equity is the ideal solution to access it immediately - without a long savings phase and without risking that interest rates will rise significantly again in a few years. Even young couples, for example, who have not yet been able to save large amounts, but earn well, are well served with construction financing without equity in a phase of low interest rates. The minimum repayment rates are usually slightly higher for full financing, which means a higher monthly rate. On the other hand, high repayment rates also mean that you have paid off your loan earlier and are thus debt-free faster.

    Play it safe with credit SUN !

    Large portfolio of home finance - we compare and find the best offer for you

    In order to finance a property acquisition without equity capital, there are different approaches and design options depending on the initial situation, requirements and objectives of the applicant. In addition, there are a number of providers on the market that are suitable for your project. It is often difficult to keep track and to find exactly the offer that suits you best. Thanks to our cooperation with all important financial partners, we can compare conditions directly with each other and are thus able to offer you exactly the right construction financing.

    Tailor-made mortgage solutions - transparent conditions

    Our mortgage experts can look back on over 25 years of experience. Several hundred customers benefit from this know-how every day. We show different solutions including the associated advantages, but openly and honestly point out possible disadvantages. We will give you specific recommendations and will be happy to explain step by step how your mortgage lending works without equity, what action there is and what you have to pay attention to. But in the end you decide for yourself which mortgage concept suits you best. We would be happy to examine the possibilities of building financing without equity for you.

    Mortgage lending without equity

    Our tips for your home loan without equity:

    Set the monthly rate according to your financial possibilities

    In order to find the right mortgage, you should think about the maximum monthly rate you can afford before you apply. It is better to plan too conservatively than too optimistically here. Since the risk with full financing is higher for you as the borrower as well as for the financing bank, you should use a well-founded budget to determine exactly how high the maximum monthly installment can be. The interest rate for a mortgage loan without equity is usually higher than with equity, and banks often set a repayment rate of min. 2% ahead. This can lead to the monthly rate being relatively high. As a result, a good credit rating and a balanced income-expenditure ratio are necessary in order to be able to afford a relatively high monthly rate for years without any problems. Therefore, calculate in advance how much you can actually afford each month. A certain buffer for emergencies should be taken into account.

    Second applicant lowers the bank's risk and improves the interest rate

    When applying for construction finance without equity capital, it is often recommended to indicate a second applicant who has his own secure income. This can significantly increase the chances of getting mortgage lending approved without equity. Additional collateral can also have a positive influence on the bank's decision. A popular location and the very good condition of the property often play a role in the bank's decision that should not be underestimated. Because both a particularly stable property in a good location and a second applicant with their own income reduce the risk for the bank, which can also have a positive effect on the interest rate.

    Insurance can protect against property loss

    To protect themselves from losing the property if, for example, the partner dies or needs care, borrowers who buy their property without equity can take out payment protection insurance or term life insurance.

    Home loan and savings loan as an alternative to mortgage lending without equity

    If the desired property has been found, but no equity is available, the borrower can also take out a building society loan as an alternative to full financing. The borrower therefore saves equity under a home loan and savings contract. In the case of an advance loan, only the interest portion is initially paid. After a certain period of time, the home loan and savings contract is allocated, ie the home loan balance is partially offset against the advance loan. A building society loan is agreed for the remainder of the amount at the conditions set when the advance loan was concluded. The repayment rate is higher for a building society loan, but a building society loan is usually very low-interest. Another advantage: You can secure yourself a favorable interest rate today and therefore do not have to take the risk that the interest rates will have risen significantly by the time the building society loan is concluded for the remaining amount.

    Bridging finance as the ideal solution for an existing old property

    Bridging finance is ideal for people who already live in their own property but would like to buy a new property. Because the capital of the old property is often not available in time for the purchase of the new property. As long as the old property has not yet been sold, the new property will be financed and redeemed in full at the end of the agreed term, when the old property is sold and the capital is finally available. During the term, only the interest portion of the loan is due. The repayment part is paid in full at the end of the term.

    We will find the ideal solution for your home loan without equity from numerous options

    There are various ways to finance the purchase of real estate, even if you do not have equity. We are happy to help you find the right alternative and make your dream of your own home come true.
    Simply fill out our application form or give us a call - the request does not involve any upfront costs.

    Individual advice with a personal contact!

    Simply send us your mortgage inquiry and you will receive a prompt response from your personal contact. They will check your details and determine the offer that best suits your needs. You will promptly receive a non-binding, written offer. Applying for your home loan without equity is not associated with any upfront costs - guaranteed! Of course, we are happy to answer any questions you may have.

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