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    Michael F. from Berlin

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    Why a Swiss loan - what advantages does credit SUN offer ?

    Swiss credit as a solution to Schufa problems

    Anyone applying for a loan in Germany must expect the bank to obtain information from Schufa in order to better assess the applicant's creditworthiness and creditworthiness and to be able to make a credit decision on the basis of this. A negative Schufa is usually a KO criterion - the loan application is rejected. Banks from Switzerland, on the other hand, do not work with the Schufa - only the public debtor register is checked. Negative features in the Schufa remain hidden. A credit check is not waived with the Swiss loan - the requirements are even higher for the Swiss loan compared to many other installment loan offers. Swiss banks want to ensure that the borrower can repay his loan installments as planned. In addition, banks offset the greater risk with a higher interest rate. In other words: Swiss loans can be a solution for people with Schufa problems, but are usually a bit more expensive than other loans.

    Loans with slightly negative Schufa as an alternative to Swiss credit

    If you have a negative Schufa entry, it is usually difficult in Germany to get a loan. But there are a few exceptions. Best Credit cooperates with German lenders who are willing to pay the applicant a loan, even with slight negative characteristics or a weak credit rating, provided the overall financial situation is right. Because not (only) the data that are stored in your Schufa are decisive for us. Above all, it is important to us that you are able to pay back your loan. Even if the Schufa is negative, we will find a solution!

    Individual credit check

    Consumers with negative credit bureau are usually rejected by their house bank. A Swiss loan, in which a negative Schufa remains hidden, is therefore the last emergency solution for many private individuals to get a loan. However, compared to other loan programs, the Swiss loan is often associated with higher interest rates. Before we offer you a Swiss loan, we therefore check which alternative, possibly cheaper, options are available for you. Occasionally banks in Germany also grant loans with a slightly negative Schufa. In addition, some lenders do not report the disbursed loan to the Schufa. It is not always necessary to have a Swiss loan in order to borrow money despite a negative Schufa or to benefit from the advantages of a discrete loan payment without reporting to the Schufa. We first check your financial situation and then recommend the loan that best suits your needs.

    Credit request with no credit rating

    Credit inquiries are usually reported to the Schufa in Germany. If the report is made as a "credit request", this can affect your Schufa score. When reporting as a "condition request", the Schufa recognizes that the borrower only places several inquiries with different providers in order to compare conditions with one another. If you submit a loan request via Best Credit , we report it to Schufa as a "condition request". Just like with the Swiss loan, where the bank neither obtains information from Schufa nor reports the credit request and payment to Schufa, it remains Your Schufa score is also unaffected at creditSUN.

    100% discretion

    You don't want anyone to know that you have taken out a loan? When it comes to Swiss Loans, we work very discreetly and treat all information as strictly confidential. Neither the Schufa nor your employer nor your house bank will find out about your Swiss loan. The loan payment is completely SCHUFA-neutral. You can rely on it. In addition to the Swiss loan, we have other loan programs in our portfolio that do not require the credit disbursement to be reported to the Schufa. Please do not hesitate to contact us if necessary - our credit experts will be happy to examine your options.

    Request without obligation and free of charge

    Send us your credit request - completely without obligation and without any preliminary costs! When you have submitted the completed credit form, your personal credit manager will contact you with an individual credit recommendation. You can take a look at our loan offer and then decide whether you want to accept it. Neither the inquiry, nor the credit check nor the preparation of the offer are associated with costs. Our credit experts will be happy to answer any questions you may have about the offer by phone. We advise you without obligation and free of charge!

    Fast payout

    Regardless of whether it is a Swiss loan or a loan despite a negative Schufa - at Best Credit you will receive your desired loan quickly and unbureaucratically. As long as you submit your documents to us quickly, nothing stands in the way of a quick loan disbursement. Thanks to our electronic loan application form, our optimized credit checking processes and automated workflows, we can provide you with the loan offer that best suits you shortly after submitting your loan application. Payment is usually made within a few days, depending on the loan program.

    The Swiss loan:
    Fair conditions - clear requirements:

    • Loan amount per person € 3,500, € 5,000 or € 7,500
    • Standard interest rate: 11.11% eff. Annual rate
    • Duration: 40 months
    • Early repayment possible from the 6th month
    • With an existing Swiss loan, it can be increased to € 7,500

    € 3,500

    Loan amount

    • Minimum income: € 1,210 (depending on the number of children)
    • Minimum period of employment 12 months
    • Age of the applicant max. 62 years

    € 5,000

    Loan amount

    • Minimum income: 1,660 € (depending on the number of children)
    • Minimum employment period 36 months
    • Age of the applicant max. 62 years

    € 7,500

    Loan amount

    • Minimum income: 1,860 € (depending on the number of children)
    • Minimum period of employment 48 months
    • Age of the applicant max. 62 years

    It's easy to get a loan despite Schufa

    Do you have a negative Schufa and would like to know what options you have to take out a loan? We're here to help. Simply fill out our loan form and we will check your chances of getting a loan with and without Schufa. We compare different options and suggest the loan offer that best suits your requirements and ideas.

    Speed ​​plays an important role for us - with Best Credit you don't have to expect long waiting times. As soon as you have viewed our loan offer and signed it together with your documents and sent it back, your desired loan will be paid out a short time later. If the offer does not meet your requirements, simply speak to your personal contact about alternative options. In most cases we will find a financing solution for our customers.

    The Best Credit loan experts ensure that you receive your desired loan quickly and unbureaucratically - guaranteed without upfront costs. You do not pay any fees for the loan request and offer preparation, nor for the credit check or other services. We do not charge you any preliminary costs. Even if there is no credit transaction, we do not charge you any fees - guaranteed!

    Send us your loan request online now. We'll take care of everything else - guaranteed without upfront costs.

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    Why can we give you a Swiss loan despite Schufa

    An unpaid bill, a missed installment payment - anyone who does not act directly and, for example, contradicts a wrong bill, quickly has a negative Schufa entry. This can be a real obstacle in many areas of life. Whether you want to apply for an ordinary installment loan, rent a new apartment or buy a new car - the negative Schufa entry quickly throws a spanner in the works. Because the negative Schufa is always a signal for poor payment behavior and / or poor creditworthiness.

    Many banks in Germany do not even bother to look “behind the scenes” and find out what the background of the negative Schufa entry is or how the applicant is financially. We know from our own experience that many people have wrongly received a negative Schufa entry and are quite able to reliably repay a loan. We do not immediately reject you because of a negative characteristic, but give each applicant a chance at the desired loan. That is why our credit managers examine each applicant individually and with the necessary care. This is the only way we can get an idea of ​​the overall financial situation of our (potential) customers. It goes without saying that we treat all information relating to the loan application with discretion and confidentiality.

    For people with negative credit bureau, who can be financed according to our examination, we always weigh up different financing alternatives and recommend the loan that is most advantageous for the applicant. This can be the Swiss loan, or an alternative loan despite Schufa, which is even granted occasionally by banks in Germany.

    Good to know!

    Our loan offers are just as different as the requirements and wishes of our customers. Every loan offer has advantages, but can also be associated with disadvantages. A Swiss loan is not always necessary. If another loan offer makes more sense, we will let our customers know - very openly and honestly. In many cases, our customers have opted for an alternative loan program (with Schufa).

    We treat every customer fairly and recommend the loan that suits you best - with or without Schufa.

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    Credit for everyone

    Good to know!

    Our loan offers are just as different as the requirements and wishes of our customers. Every loan offer has advantages, but can also be associated with disadvantages. A Swiss loan is not always necessary. If another loan offer makes more sense, we will let our customers know - very openly and honestly. In many cases, our customers have opted for an alternative loan program (with Schufa).

    We treat every customer fairly and recommend the loan that suits you best - with or without Schufa.

    Important information about Swiss credit

    Discreet and without earmarking
    The Swiss loan can be used flexibly - whether for a new purchase, a dispo replacement or a rescheduling. You alone decide what you want to use the money for. Since no Schufa information is obtained for Swiss loans, nor is the credit request and payment reported to Schufa, borrowers benefit from absolute discretion with Swiss loans. The Swiss loan is completely creditworthy. Neither the Schufa nor the employer nor the house bank will find out about your Swiss loan. This is why Swiss loans are particularly suitable as small "side loans" - they have no influence on current credit lines.

    Credit check without Schufa information
    As part of the credit check, Schufa information is dispensed with. Nevertheless, banks naturally want to protect themselves from payment defaults. You therefore use other criteria to correctly assess solvency and place particular emphasis on a solid income situation and collateral. Factors such as monthly net income, type of employment relationship or length of employment with the same employer are even more important than with a loan with Schufa information. If an applicant does not meet one of the above strictly defined criteria of the Swiss loan, he will be rejected directly. For example, the unemployed, pensioners, students or trainees have no way of taking out a Swiss loan.

    Why is an above-average interest rate required for a loan without a Schufa query?
    Even a particularly intensive check of all creditworthiness-relevant data cannot guarantee 100% protection against credit default. Without Schufa information, the bank always bears a residual risk, which is reflected in the interest rate. The eff. The annual interest rate for the Swiss loan is 11.11%.

    Keep an eye on your finances
    If you have a balanced income-expenditure ratio, you also have better chances of getting a Swiss loan. Many people with negative Schufa see the Swiss credit as a welcome alternative to a credit with Schufa, and are then disappointed that the loan application is rejected. But anyone who does not meet the strict criteria for Swiss loans quickly falls through the grid. It is therefore advisable to always keep an eye on your own finances and to get an overview of what monthly expenses you have to pay, how much money is left from your salary at the end of the month and what maximum monthly installment you can afford.

    Why do such strict criteria have to be met for Swiss loans?

    If a loan seeker in Germany makes a loan request, the bank obtains a Schufa report from the applicant. The data stored at Schufa on accounts, credit cards, credit inquiries or payment history give the bank the opportunity to get a better picture of the applicant's financial situation and to evaluate his creditworthiness and creditworthiness as well as possible. People who, according to the Schufa score, have a poor credit rating or even a negative Schufa characteristic are subject to a higher risk of default for the bank than people with a strict Schufa. The bank compensates for this increased risk of default with a higher interest rate - or gives it in the event a negative Schufa no credit at all. Because a negative Schufa is a KO criterion for most banks in Germany when granting loans.

    As the name suggests, a Swiss loan is issued by a bank from abroad, mostly from Switzerland, Liechtenstein or Austria. What is special about the Swiss loan is that the bank does not need to obtain Schufa information. Accordingly, a Swiss loan is particularly interesting for people who have a negative entry in the Schufa. Because the negative feature remains hidden and the chance of a loan approval is significantly higher compared to a loan with Schufa information.

    Nonetheless, banks abroad do not want to take too high a risk when granting loans. Swiss banks know that a certain part of the customers who apply for a Swiss loan without Schufa, very likely also have a negative Schufa entry. This can be an indication of poor creditworthiness and / or poor payment behavior, but does not have to be. However, the increased risk is reflected in the Swiss loan in a higher interest rate. In addition, the creditworthiness and other criteria of the applicant are checked more precisely and stricterly with the Swiss loan than is the case with many loans in Germany. This is intended to reduce the credit default risk.

    Criteria that are used to assess the creditworthiness of the applicant are, in addition to monthly income and expenses, for example, professional situation or age. The applicant must, depending on the number of their dependent children and the requested loan amount, draw a fixed minimum income from employment. In addition, when it comes to Swiss loans, banks attach great importance to a secure employment relationship, such as permanent and permanent employment with a certain minimum length of employment with the same employer or civil servant status. In order for the loan to be repaid with a high probability by the end of life, applicants must not be older than 62 years. Additional collateral, such as real estate, can have a positive effect on credit checks. With such “tough” requirements, banks want to protect themselves against loan defaults on Swiss loans - even if a certain residual risk cannot be avoided.

    Individual advice with a personal contact!

    Simply send us your credit request online and you will receive an answer with your desired credit from your personal contact within a very short time. Our credit managers look forward to seeing you!

    The loan experts atBest Credit
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