Save a lot of money, replace your overdraft facility cheaply!

Anyone who really goes overboard, often benefits for several months: red numbers on their account.

Although you are usually in the plus again with the next salary, the money often does not last until the end of the month and the overdraft facility has to be used again. If you then add unexpected special expenses, you quickly slip into the debt trap and end up in permanent overdraft facilities. It doesn't have to be.

The overdraft facility is probably the most convenient way to borrow money at short notice, but unfortunately it is also very expensive. The overdraft interest rates are currently just under 10 percent on average, which is significantly higher than the interest rate for installment loans. If your account is permanently in the red, you should take action now. Replace your overdraft facility with a cheap instant loan and save a lot of interest!

Overdraft facility

Installment loan


interest rate



Interest in 5 years

2375.00 €

€ 255.70

€ 2,119.30

Representative example according to §6a PAngV: 5,000 € net loan amount, 60 months term, 4.11% fixed borrowing interest, 4.19% eff. Annual interest, monthly rate € 87.60

The overdraft facility settlement offers many advantages:

  • Take advantage of the low interest rate and reschedule particularly cheaply
  • Improve creditworthiness through low exposure
  • Get more control over your spending
  • Get your finances back in order faster

We will help you out of the disposition trap. Apply for your rescheduling loan easily and conveniently using our application form. You will promptly receive an individual offer for your rescheduling loan. Of course, our service is guaranteed free of charge.

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Thats what our customers say:

Get out of the overdraft trap with a cheap rescheduling loan

A disposition credit is basically nothing negative. For short-term fluctuations in your checking account, you can even use an overdraft facility. As long as the overdraft facility can be fully and permanently settled in the following months, an overdraft facility can be used without any problems to borrow money quickly and without great expense. It only becomes problematic when the overdrawn account becomes permanent and at some point the monthly incoming payment is no longer sufficient to compensate for the overdraft facility. Then the borrower has to pay high interest to his bank on a permanent basis. You quickly get into a debt vicious circle and at some point only see red numbers. Many consumers can no longer get out of the debt trap on their own - they become over-indebted.

Don't let it get that far. If you have overdrawn your account by a few thousand euros, you can save a few hundred euros with a cheap rescheduling of your overdraft facility. With the help of an installment loan, the borrower can pay off his debts in regular monthly installments and gradually get his finances back in order. In contrast to the overdraft facility, constant monthly loan installments allow a better overview of the financial situation and more control over liabilities. If you have other loans running in addition to the overdraft facility, it is advisable to combine all loans into one rescheduling loan. When rescheduling, it is important to set the monthly rate in such a way that the borrower can easily afford it without slipping into the red again. Take advantage of the current low interest rate and start rescheduling your overdraft facility now!

Fast loan approval
Favorable conditions
No upfront costs

How to replace your overdraft facility with a cheap installment loan

If the account is overdrawn in a manageable amount for only a few days, you should not think about rescheduling immediately. Replacing the overdraft facility with a cheap installment loan is always worthwhile if the overdraft facility is used over a longer period of time and / or on a larger scale.

This is the best way to proceed: Check how high your overdraft facility interest is and at the same time obtain an offer for a cheap installment loan. In this way, you can quickly find out how much you save with a dispo replacement. In the current phase of low interest rates, debt rescheduling pays off in almost all cases. Thanks to our long-term cooperation with our partner banks, we are able to determine the most favorable offer for you from a large number of loan programs. Simply apply for your rescheduling loan using our online application form and you will promptly receive an individual offer for your overdraft facility. In your loan application, state “Debt rescheduling” as the purpose - this improves your creditworthiness and can have a positive effect on your loan terms. If you like our offer, submit your documents to us and a few days later you will have your rescheduling loan on your account and thus quickly settle your overdraft facility.

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