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Get Loan Fast - What You Should Know About It!

Video identification process

The video identification process enables identity data to be verified quickly and easily. It is ideally suited to completely digitally applying for a loan . With Videoident, the application can be submitted quickly and directly from home. In addition, a decision on the loan application usually takes significantly less in this way.

What is the video identification process?

The video identification process serves as proof of identification. It is increasingly replacing the conventional post-identification process. Customers can use it to confirm their identity online via a video chat. For this purpose, the previously entered data is compared with the information in the identification document. The employee gives precise instructions on how to move the ID. The method has been legally permitted as a legitimation method for several years. It is considered to be extremely secure and is therefore a good alternative to the Post-Ident procedure. Several providers have already established themselves in this area. The process is offered, for example, by the services identity Trust, IDnow and WebID. Most of them allow verification between 7:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m., or even around the clock.

Requirements for digital loan processing

Anyone who needs a loan quickly will be grateful for today's technical possibilities. Thanks to the video identification procedure, the loan can be applied for completely digitally. Going to the post office is no longer necessary. However, there are some requirements for participating in the video identification process.


  • valid identity card or passport
  • Webcam and microphone (on PC, laptop, smartphone or tablet)
  • Browser supports real-time communication
  • stable internet connection
  • good lighting conditions
  • Smartphone for TAN via SMS or access to an email account for TAN via email

If the technical requirements are met, the process can be used to its full extent. To do this, you send the documents with your personal data electronically to the lender. Then start the video call. You show the front and back of your valid identity card or passport over the webcam. The security features, including the hologram, are checked for verification. When prompted, move and tilt your ID. For your safety, pictures will then be taken of you. Finally, the employee records the ID number and confirms it. To complete the transaction, enter a TAN, which you will receive by SMS or email, in a form. The identity check is now complete. As a rule, legitimation using the video identification procedure takes between three and five minutes. The data is transmitted over a secure connection. They are used exclusively for identification and documentation.

Advantages and disadvantages of the video identification process

benefits disadvantage
Waiting times at the post office can be avoided not secure against phishing attacks (virus protection required)
Legitimation possible between 7:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m. technical requirements must be met (e.g. stable internet connection)

Is the video identification procedure suitable for you?

Similar to the Post-Ident process, the Video-Ident procedure is used to confirm your identity data. It is an officially approved method and is considered very safe. However, high password security and full virus protection are important to prevent possible fraud. Many customers see it as an advantage that they can simply verify themselves from home regardless of the opening times of the post office. The time-saving online verification process is just as attractive. However, it is advisable that the user is familiar with the devices used. With a little practice, this can generally be done quickly. The video-ident procedure is therefore a sensible alternative for applicants who want to benefit from the speed and security of the already established method.

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