• Debt rescheduling at low interest rates
  • Summary of all liabilities
  • Reduction of the monthly rate up to 50%
  • Better overview of monthly loads
  • Fast payout
  • Incl. Comparison of all offers
  • Individual advice
  • Guaranteed without upfront costs

Individual rescheduling loan for every need:

Reschedule credit

Debt rescheduling at the top interest rate

  • From 1.93% eff. Annual rate
  • Loan amount 1,000 - 120,000 €
  • Rate relief by up to 50%
  • Just one more loan installment
Schufa-free credit

Debt rescheduling despite negative Schufa

  • Even with negative Schufa
  • 100% discretion
  • No influence on the Schufa score

Debt rescheduling for property owners

  • Installment loan rescheduling at real estate conditions
  • Rate relief often over 50%
  • Quick commitment up to € 300,000
  • Even with Schufa problems
Bafög rescheduling

Bafög repayment with discount

  • Pay back Bafög immediately with a rescheduling loan
  • Up to 50% discount on student loans is possible

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In a few steps to the rescheduling loan:

No upfront costs. Non-binding inquiry. Without risk.

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    Michael F. from Berlin

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    Benefit with the rescheduling loan from credit SUN
    You of many advantages:


    Summarize loans and get a better overview

    Do you have one or more expensive old loans running and would like to reduce your monthly rate as well as get a better overview of your monthly expenses? Then a rescheduling loan is just right for you. With a rescheduling loan from Best Credit you can combine all current liabilities into one loan installment. This will bring your finances back to order and give you a better overview of your monthly expenses. You only have one creditor instead of servicing several loans from different creditors on different terms. This is rated positively by many banks and thus also has a positive effect on your creditworthiness. Last but not least, your administrative effort can be reduced significantly with a rescheduling loan!

    Use historical low interest rates and secure favorable conditions

    Interest rates are currently at a historically low level, so that a rescheduling loan is worthwhile in most cases. Your old loans can be replaced with a new loan at significantly more favorable interest rates without much effort. This not only lowers your monthly loan installment, but also your total loan costs over the entire term. For example, anyone who took out a loan at eight percent interest ten years ago can now benefit from halving the interest costs, depending on the creditworthiness, remaining debt and term.

    Reduce the loan rate often by up to 50%

    You can reschedule virtually any loan. Whether installment loans, overdraft facilities or credit cards - with Best Credit you get your individual rescheduling loan at favorable conditions. We adapt your rescheduling loan exactly to your financial possibilities and ensure that you can easily bear the new monthly rate until the end of the term. With a rescheduling loan, we often achieve a rate relief of up to 50% for our customers. You can put these savings aside every month, for example, and use them for your next vacation or a new purchase.

    Flexible and individual - the tailor-made debt rescheduling loan from Best Credit

    Do you not only want to reschedule but also need an additional loan ? With the rescheduling loan from Best Credit you can easily co-finance new needs. A rescheduling loan gives you the opportunity to redefine all of the framework data for your loan and, if necessary, to adapt it to your new financial situation. The debt rescheduling loan from Best Credit can be designed flexibly and offers you the option of special repayments , installment breaks or early free repayment as required. If you wish, certain loans can also be excluded from your rescheduling loan.

    "With the rescheduling loan from Best Credit I benefit in several ways:

    Better overview, lower credit rate, and improved credit rating! "

    Credit conditions for consumer loans according to §6a PAngV (creditworthiness required):

    Net loan amounts: 1,000 to 300,000 EURO
    Contract terms: 12 to 240 months
    eff. Annual interest: 1.93% - 15.99% (depending on creditworthiness)
    fixed borrowing rate pa: from 1.92%

    Representative example according to §6a PAngV:

    Net loan amount 5000 EURO
    Contract term 72 months
    Monthly Rate 82.62 EURO
    Total amount 5948.91 EUROS
    Effective interest rate 6.06%
    fixed borrowing rate pa: 5.90%

    You should meet the following minimum requirements:

    • Minimum age: 18 years
    • Residence in Germany
    • Bank account in Germany
    • Regular income
    • Sufficient creditworthiness
    Requirements for online instant loan

    A rescheduling loan is worthwhile in most cases

    The basic rule is: the higher the interest rate on your current loan, the greater the remaining debt and the longer the old loan is still running, the more it will pay off a rescheduling loan for you.

    A rescheduling loan is therefore particularly advisable if a large amount of the loan is still open and the term continues for a few years. Even those who regularly and extensively use the overdraft facility on their current account are always better off with a cheap rescheduling loan in the long term. The average overdraft facility interest in Germany is still in the double-digit range and is therefore significantly higher than the average interest rate that our customers currently get for a rescheduling loan.

    With a rescheduling - depending on the objectives of the borrower - different effects can be achieved:

    1. Reduction of the loan rate as well as the total loan costs through lower interest rates
      The current low level of interest rates in Germany means that installment loans are now granted much more cheaply than they were a few years ago. Cheaper loan rates have a positive effect both on your monthly rate and on the total cost of the loan. If no new requirements are to be co-financed, only the remaining debt of your old loan will be paid off. The lower loan amount, which is often associated with a correspondingly shorter term, can also have a positive effect on the interest rate of your rescheduling loan. This gives you new financial leeway every month, which you can use specifically for a planned project or a new purchase.
    2. Drastic reduction of the monthly rate through an extended term
      The loan installment can be reduced even more drastically by significantly extending the term of the loan rescheduling. The repayment of the loan extends over a longer period of time and can lead to a monthly rate relief of up to 50%. Anyone who attaches particular importance to reducing their ongoing monthly burdens should therefore choose a debt rescheduling loan with a long term. Above all, customers who have taken on financially with their previous loan installments will finally be able to meet their payment obligations as planned thanks to a rescheduling loan with an extended term.
    3. Debt-free faster thanks to shorter term
      If the financial situation of a borrower has improved, for example due to a salary increase, the monthly rate for the rescheduling can either be left at the same level or even increased. In both cases, the repayment portion of the monthly installment increases, provided that it is assumed that the borrower will receive a significantly lower interest rate as part of the rescheduling. As a result, the loan term is shortened and the borrower is debt-free again faster.

    Example: Immediate rate relief € 789

    Before rescheduling
    Loans Remaining debt rate
    Installment loan € 50,000 695, - €
    Installment loan € 10,000 196, - €
    Installment loan € 15,000 293, - €
    Monthly load € 1,184.00
    After the rescheduling
    Loans Remaining debt rate
    Debt rescheduling installment loans € 75,000 395, - € *
    Monthly load 395, - €
    * at 4.02% pa nom. + 2.3% repayment

    What you can do yourself to get a cheap rescheduling loan

    Anyone planning a debt rescheduling has neither long waiting times to fear nor a lot of work. On the contrary - the Best Credit credit experts make it particularly easy for you and take care of the entire process of your debt rescheduling. Before we submit an offer for a rescheduling loan, we check the creditworthiness of each applicant based on the entries in the loan form and the documents. The better a customer's credit rating, the cheaper the interest rate on a rescheduling loan. The creditworthiness is determined on the basis of a number of factors, such as the Schufa score , regular income or monthly expenses. To a certain extent, applicants can also influence the credit rating themselves. Therefore we would like to give you the following tips:

    • If you do not know your own Schufa score, we recommend that you request it from Schufa free of charge once a year . You can request the data stored by Schufa using an order form. Check that your data is correct and up-to-date. Because it is not uncommon for your Schufa data to be outdated or even incorrect. If this is the case, you can request that Schufa update, correct or delete individual data. By regularly checking your Schufa data, you can prevent your creditworthiness from being rated too low due to incorrect data, and you have greater transparency when applying for a loan.
    • In addition to the “hard factors”, “soft factors” such as length of employment, industry or type of residence are also included in the scoring. Owners of a property, for example, can reschedule particularly cheaply , as the property serves as security. Make sure you include real estate ownership in the application form.
    • But even if you don't own your own property, you can still benefit from a low interest rate for your debt rescheduling. Simply enter a second applicant in the loan application who has his own income and does not have a negative Schufa entry. A second borrower is also used as security for the bank, as a second income optimizes the creditworthiness and reduces the probability of default.
    • Take another close look at your current loan agreement. If the fixed interest rate on your old loan has not yet expired, some banks charge a prepayment penalty for early loan repayment. Usually, however, early repayment of a loan is possible without any problems. Since the introduction of the Consumer Credit Directive on June 10, 2010, banks have been able to charge a prepayment penalty for consumer loans of a maximum of 1% of the remaining debt if the term of the current contract is at least twelve months. If the remaining term is less than 12 months, the bank may not demand more than 0.5% of the remaining debt as a prepayment penalty. There is even a special rule for building loans: building loans can be redeemed after ten years without incurring a prepayment penalty - even if a longer fixed interest rate was agreed in the contract. If the period for the fixed interest rate has already expired, loan agreements can usually be terminated at any time. If you took out your old loan before the introduction of the Consumer Credit Directive, i.e. by June 10, 2010, the contract can be terminated with three months' notice. However, you should speak to your bank again about the prepayment penalty.
    • If you do not want to finance additional new requirements with your rescheduling loan, you should in any case state "rescheduling" in the purpose of use. In this case, the monthly installment of your old loan does not count as an expense, but is part of the new rescheduling loan installment. This improves your creditworthiness mathematically.

    The bank-independent rescheduling service from credit SUN :

    • Non-binding rescheduling check
    • Incl. Comparison of all rescheduling offers
    • Incl. Examination and calculation of the individual savings potential
    • Repayment of your old loans free of charge without any effort
    • Immediate rate relief from the rescheduling key date
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    Loan rescheduling

    The bank-independent rescheduling service from credit SUN :

    • Non-binding rescheduling check
    • Incl. Comparison of all rescheduling offers
    • Incl. Examination and calculation of the individual savings potential
    • Repayment of your old loans free of charge without any effort
    • Immediate rate relief from the rescheduling key date

    Why now is the right time for a rescheduling loan

    Interest rates have been lowered several times by the ECB (European Central Bank) in recent years. The key ECB interest rates are currently at zero. Banks can therefore borrow money for free. Many credit institutions pass this benefit on to their customers and offer loans at an interest rate of 2% or even cheaper. The conditions for an inexpensive rescheduling loan could not be better. So no longer pay unnecessarily high loan installments, but take advantage of the opportunity today to redeem your loan and reduce your monthly burden with a cheap rescheduling loan!

    With a rescheduling loan, you can restore order to your financial budget. Anyone who has to service several loans with different creditors quickly loses track of things. A rescheduling loan will help you regain control of your ongoing monthly expenses. Start rescheduling while you can still benefit from the low interest rates!

    Your personal rescheduling manager will help you and answer all your questions. You don't know whether rescheduling is even worthwhile for you? We would be happy to calculate your individual savings potential for you.

    "CreditSUN has found the best rescheduling loan for us - on favorable terms and with little effort!"


    "CreditSUN has found the best rescheduling loan for us - on favorable terms and with little effort!"

    How does a rescheduling loan work?

    Private support

    When rescheduling, one or more existing loans are replaced by a cheaper rescheduling loan. The purpose is to reduce the loan installment and / or the interest costs by combining all liabilities into a cheaper loan.
    In principle, all loans can be rescheduled: consumer loans without earmarking, real estate loans / construction financing as well as overdraft facilities and outstanding credit card amounts. Depending on when the old loan was taken out and what is defined in the contract, a prepayment penalty may apply for early redemption. With the introduction of the Consumer Credit Directive in June 2010, the legislator limited the amount of the early repayment penalty. For example, in the case of personal loans taken out on or after June 11, 2010, a bank can only charge a maximum of 1% of the outstanding balance as a penalty in accordance with Section 502 of the German Civil Code (BGB), provided the loan is still running for at least 12 months. If the remaining term is shorter, the bank can only charge the customer a maximum of 0.5% of the remaining debt.

    In the meantime, however, many banks are offering their customers free partial or full repayment options for personal loans. But even if a prepayment penalty is incurred, rescheduling can be worthwhile. The amount of the early repayment penalty should be included in the total of the rescheduling loan.
    Let our credit experts check your individual savings potential without any obligation!

    Influence on creditworthiness

    Taking out a loan is now commonplace - especially in a phase of low interest rates, it can even be more advantageous to finance a new purchase with a low-interest installment loan instead of saving for years on it. But if you overdo it and only live on credit, you can also have disadvantages. In retail, many products are offered with the right installment financing, many retailers even attract customers with zero percent financing . However, these financing offers are usually just a clever marketing idea. Many consumers fall for it and end up with so many installment payments on their cheek that after all financing installments have been debited, nothing is left of their income.

    In Germany, (almost) every credit borrowing is reported to the Schufa. All current loans and financing appear in the Schufa data. Too many installment loans with different creditors lead to losing track of things at some point. This can lead to payment problems and defaults through to over-indebtedness. Therefore, it is rated negatively by the Schufa to service many installment loans with different creditors in parallel. The Schufa ascribes a higher credit default probability to consumers with a large number of current installment loans, which in turn has a bad effect on the Schufa scoring.

    If, on the other hand, you have all your current loans replaced by a rescheduling loan and only have to pay one loan installment a month instead of several, you will definitely do better. Because with a rescheduling loan you keep track of things and can significantly reduce your monthly credit burdens - often by 50%! Debt rescheduling provides more financial leeway and is also rated positively by Schufa and banks. The bottom line is that the credit rating is significantly improved with a rescheduling loan.

    You don’t know what your credit rating is?

    Then the very first thing you should do is request a self-assessment from Schufa! Once a year, consumers receive free access to their Schufa data on request. Find out which Schufa score you have and check all the data that Schufa has recorded about you. It is not uncommon for information to be incorrect or out of date. In this case you have the option of having this data corrected by Schufa.

    Is your Schufa score very low due to your current loans?

    Then let us reschedule all current liabilities and improve your creditworthiness! Simply send us your loan request online! We will immediately check your debt rescheduling options and come to you with a specific rescheduling offer. If you like our offer, our free rescheduling service ensures that your loans are repaid quickly and smoothly.

    Debt rescheduling with credit SUN

    What sets us apart from banks:

    Best Credit works with over 300 financing partners. Technical interfaces give us direct access to all loan programs on the market. While a bank only wants to sell its own products, it is very important to us to provide our customers with tailor-made loans and financing solutions that are tailored to their needs. But it is difficult for a consumer to find exactly the loan program that best suits their own requirements. We make it easy for our customers and take this work off completely. Our customers can sit back and relax and receive an individual offer for their rescheduling loan in a timely manner. Complex and time-consuming comparison and research work is a thing of the past. Because at the push of a button, our credit managers will find the best and cheapest rescheduling loan for every customer.

    Even with negative credit bureau , we can help in most cases. Most banks in Germany reject applicants with negative Schufa across the board - regardless of whether the negative criterion is right. On the one hand, we work with specialist providers in Germany who grant loans despite a slightly negative Schufa and, on the other hand, with banks from abroad that do not provide Schufa information. This means that applicants with a negative Schufa also have a chance at Best Credit of an adequate rescheduling loan.

    Rescheduling loans

    What sets us apart from credit comparison sites:

    Well-known loan comparison sites on the Internet offer a quick overview of current providers and conditions. This makes the credit market more transparent to a certain extent for the ordinary consumer. Also rated very positively: Most comparison sites also offer helpful advice and interactive calculators, for example to calculate how much money you can save with a rescheduling loan. Nevertheless, the use of credit comparison sites is also associated with disadvantages: The credit comparisons do not claim to be complete. Many good offers, e.g. from regional banks, FinTechs or special and niche providers, are not included in the comparison overviews, which is often only due to the fact that the credit institution and the comparison provider do not cooperate with each other for various reasons. In contrast, offers that represent a particularly lucrative business for the comparison provider are highlighted as "best offer" or "recommendation". This affects the objectivity and independence of the comparison sites. In addition, the loan seeker is completely on his own. He has to research himself, compare product details with each other and in the end still does not know the acceptance criteria of the individual loan providers. Anyway, a real comparison is only possible on the basis of specific written offers . The interest rate that the comparison providers list in their overview tables is only a two-thirds interest rate , which - as the name suggests - two-thirds of all customers receive from this bank. However, it doesn't have to mean that you get that interest rate too. Because depending on your creditworthiness and Schufa score, your individual interest rate can also differ greatly from the average. Banks usually have clearly defined, hard acceptance criteria, which are usually not publicly known. For example, your income may be above average and your Schufa positive, but the bank may be bothered by the fact that you do not have a permanent employee - and a loan will be rejected. It may therefore often take several attempts to finally get a loan approval.

    It doesn't have to be. The credit SUN credit specialists know the credit market, including providers and acceptance criteria, almost as well as the back of their hand. After checking the loan request, our experts know exactly which bank can and cannot obtain a rescheduling loan. Shortly after applying for the debt rescheduling loan, you will have a specific written offer - and moreover, the certainty that after checking your data and all credit options, it will be the best and cheapest rescheduling loan .

    Credit comparison sites are based on the assumption that information is made available and that the user is given enough knowledge so that they can make the right decision on their own. But from over 25 years of accumulated know-how in the credit industry, we know that the practice looks different. We experience every day that more and more consumers today do their own research and do not want to blindly rely on a commission-driven seller, but - especially when it comes to financial matters - they trust the expertise of an independent specialist. This is exactly where Best Credit differs from credit comparison providers: We take time for each customer and advise comprehensively, fairly, transparently and objectively.

    Debt rescheduling loan with individual advice

    Are you toying with the idea of ​​replacing your expensive old loans with a cheap rescheduling loan, but you don't know whether rescheduling is really worthwhile for you? Your personal debt rescheduling manager from Best Credit will tell you!
    After submitting your loan application, you will promptly receive a response from your personal contact. They will check your details, determine the best offer for your rescheduling loan and calculate exactly what amount you can save with a rescheduling loan and whether it is worthwhile for you to reschedule. As soon as you have signed the loan agreement and we have your documents, your loan rescheduling can start. Your contact person is available at any time if you have any questions. Our rescheduling service is not associated with any processing fees or upfront costs - you do not take any risk, you can only benefit!

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