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Selling Car On The Internet - How Do You Get The Best Price?

Selling a car on the Internet

There could be different reasons why you want to sell your car . For example, if you are expecting children and need a bigger car. To pay for the new car, you first have to sell your old car as profitably as possible. Nowadays, selling a car online is a common method if you want to sell your car privately. However, it requires a certain strategy in order to get the best price. We'll tell you what you need to look out for in order to sell your car successfully on the Internet.

The first step in selling a car is the online platform

Anyone who has decided to sell their vehicle should first consider who they want to sell the car to. A quick sale can certainly be achieved at the used car dealer. However, you must expect not to get the best possible price there. The car dealer also wants to earn something from the car. If you sell your car on the Internet, you can use popular platforms such as or You can use these completely free of charge. These online platforms support the seller with good advice, but let him proceed according to his wishes. The advantage is that you can offer your used car a huge number of customers, because the offers are observed both throughout Germany and in neighboring countries.

How difficult is it to post a sales ad?

Practically anyone can post a used car online on platforms such as, whereby the providers provide the seller with a search mask. Here the seller must enter the usual information about the sale and can also post the corresponding photos or videos. However, it is advisable for everyone to fill in all fields as precisely as possible when entering the search mask. The more precise your own information about the vehicle type or the like, the higher the sales chances. When it comes to selling cars on the Internet, it has been shown time and again that ads with little information are more likely to be ignored. The vehicle owner should have his vehicle registration document as well as the AU and TÜV papers ready for the online advertisement.

Photos are critical to car sales

It is important that you fill out the search mask as detailed as possible. The decisive factor for private car sales are the photos. Try to photograph your car from every angle as possible. You can use your smartphone's camera for this, as these are of very good quality nowadays. It is advisable to wash your car before taking photos. Even if your car has scratches, show them on the pictures. The more honest you are, the better it will be for your price negotiation later on. If you are already open about it, a prospect cannot point it out during the viewing and therefore depress the price.

Writing the truth is important

Many people believe that if they sell their car on the Internet, they can hide one or the other damage in order to get a better price or to have better sales opportunities. In practice, however, such decisions usually have a negative effect because prospective buyers react to false statements by breaking off the sales negotiations. Errors and defects should therefore be addressed openly in order to avoid legal disputes. Correct information always makes a serious impression on potential buyers.

Well worth the effort in the ad

Selling a car on the internet is much easier when the ad is of good quality. It is therefore an advantage for the seller to take the time to prepare the documents and to have all important papers to hand. After all the information in the mandatory fields has been filled in, an accompanying text should usually be created. It is precisely this that is read very carefully by those interested in buying a car on the Internet and should therefore be carefully worded. Extras, modifications and advantages of the car should definitely be mentioned here. Anyone who has a car that is well-maintained should also emphasize this in this area. Notes such as garage cars, annual cars or the reason for a low mileage are also worth mentioning. However, current damage must be mentioned, which is not as disadvantageous as it initially sounds.

How expensive can the used car be?

It is often difficult even for an expert to come up with a good price for a used car, because many factors play a role. Popular models can bring a little more than unpopular used cars. If you cannot ask an expert, you should simply look at the advertisements for other used cars of the same type with similar equipment. This gives the seller a quick overview of what is possible and what the competition is asking for.

Even as a beginner, you can sell your car for a profit on the Internet

Selling a car on the internet is very easy these days. The seller should only adhere to certain rules of the game and make an effort to create the ad that is supposed to advertise the used vehicle. If you provide correct information and provide good photos, you can achieve a much better price because you will attract more prospective buyers than others to your advertisement.

Our tip: You should never deviate very much from your asking price. Buyers try to get their car as cheaply as possible. If the buyer does not respond to your asking price, you should refrain. Selling a car privately over the Internet takes some time, but is usually much more profitable than if you were to sell your car to a used dealer.

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