Directly into your own four walls
- with the right home financing without equity

Buying and financing your own house - this is also possible without equity!

The real estate market is booming. Due to the persistently low interest rates, many now want to fulfill their dream of owning their own four walls and buy a house with cheap real estate financing. But those who have not been able to save enough equity in recent years often have bad cards with their house bank - and the dream of owning a home bursts like a soap bubble. It doesn't have to be! We ensure that you can fulfill your dream of owning your own home even without equity. We work together with special financing partners who enable fair financing of up to 130% of the purchase / ancillary costs even if the equity is lacking, provided that the framework conditions are right. You can find out below which requirements you should meet for full financing.

Full financing with repayment of current installment loans - just a cheap financing rate

Your bank has rejected your financing request due to too many existing loan liabilities? With a targeted rescheduling, we can easily replace current loans and combine them with your real estate financing. We adapt your new financing rate exactly to your financial possibilities, so that in the end you only have to pay a low monthly rate. Often the new financing rate is below the level of the current monthly rent. You are even better off financially than before - and you also invest in your future!

Financing a house without equity - despite new regulations in the residential real estate credit directive

Since the introduction of the residential real estate credit guideline on March 21, 2016, young couples and families who want to realize their dream of owning a home, as well as older people, have found it particularly difficult to find suitable real estate or follow-up financing. Applicants are often rejected despite a good credit rating, as possible risks such as lost work, job loss or death are weighted more heavily than possible positive developments such as salary increases or an upcoming inheritance. It is precisely for these customer groups that we want to pave the way to owning a home and offer them a fair financing solution that is tailored to the customer's financial situation. The decisive factor for us is not whether the customer has a certain amount of equity, but that he is able to service his financing rate without problems.

Specialist in home financing without equity capital - we have 25 years of experience!

The experts at Best Credit , a brand of Hegner & Möller GmbH, can look back on more than 25 years of experience in the real estate financing sector. Since our founding in 1991, we have steadily expanded our partnerships and thus permanently expanded our portfolio. This enables us to offer suitable home financing to customers who have already been rejected by their house bank for various reasons , for example due to a negative Schufa, due to too many current installment loans or due to a lack of equity. We are of the opinion that loan applicants who at first glance do not fit into the narrow criteria of most banks should also receive an adequate financing solution, provided that they are able to service their financing according to our credit check. That's why we look a little deeper behind the scenes and take a close look at each customer's financial situation. In the past, we were able to meet numerous financing requests that had previously been rejected by banks.

Buying a house without equity
- the experts from credit SUN support you with the right financing!


Rental apartment

Monthly rent: € 800.00


Property purchase price:
(e.g. house + property)
€ 250,000.00
Additional purchase costs:
(Real estate transfer tax, notary, etc.)
€ 20,000.00
Financing amount: € 270,000.00
Financing rate: € 787.50

* with 3.5% annuity (e.g. 2% interest + 1.5% repayment)

For house financing, banks often require an equity share of at least 20-30%, so that at least the ancillary purchase costs are covered. But with the right financing partner, buying a house is also possible without equity. The financing rate can be adjusted so that the monthly credit charge is not higher than the previous monthly rent. Often even existing installment loans can be replaced with real estate financing, which significantly reduces the total monthly burden.

Borrowers benefit in several ways: They finally fulfill their dream of owning their own home and can also reduce their running costs.

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    Michael F. from Berlin

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    Would you like to finance a house but do not have any equity?
    You should meet these minimum requirements:

    Income and employment

    A solid income situation is a basic requirement for full financing. Due to the increased risk, banks attach particular importance to a secure, regular income, often paired with the requirement of a permanent, non-fixed-term contract that has existed for at least three months.

    Sufficient creditworthiness

    If there are other loans in addition to the desired real estate financing, these can usually be rescheduled at more favorable conditions and combined at a lower rate. Nevertheless, it must of course be ensured that the borrower can easily bear the new total financing rate. For this purpose, the monthly income is compared with all monthly expenses. Provided that the income situation is in a balanced relationship to the monthly burdens, house financing without equity can easily be approved by the bank.


    Another prerequisite for the approval of home financing without equity is that the property is not rented out, but used by the user. Properties in the best location in perfect condition improve the chances of full financing. After all, the property is the only security for the financing bank.

    Home financing

    Invest in your own property instead of paying rent - even without equity!

    The development of interest rates over the past 20 years shows a clear downward trend. Given the persistently low interest rates, it is obvious for many to realize their dream of having their own four walls now. Real estate loans are now cheaper than ever. Most people find the idea of ​​investing in their own home instead of paying rent and living rent-free in old age to be very desirable - and rightly so!
    However, young couples and families often lack the necessary equity that they can bring into real estate financing. But you don't have to do without your own property. Because the acquisition of a condominium or a house is not necessarily tied to a certain equity share. Even without equity, there are ways to realize your dream of your own home.
    So-called full financing is particularly useful in times of low building interest rates. With full financing, all costs associated with the purchase of a property are covered: the purchase price, the ancillary purchase costs, if necessary renovation costs, the purchase of furniture and, if necessary, a rescheduling of existing liabilities.

    While banks often only focus on the disadvantages of real estate financing without equity capital, there are also many advantages that are associated with full financing:

    • Financing at the current low interest rate
    • Secure low interest rates with a long fixed interest rate
    • Keep saved as a financial reserve
    • Investing in the future instead of in the landlord
    • Use special repayments if the income situation improves

    Anyone who saves equity for many years and waits too long may in a few years get real estate financing at significantly worse credit terms - apart from the rising real estate prices. Real estate financing without equity capital can therefore even make more sense than financing with equity capital in 5 to 10 years at higher terms, provided that a few points are observed. Of course, we check each individual case and are happy to assist you with this decision with in-depth specialist knowledge and specific calculation examples. Our offer is non-binding and guaranteed free of charge.
    Take the chance of low interest rates and save high real estate financing costs. With our many years of experience as a specialist in real estate financing, we are at your disposal for all questions about buying a home without equity.

    What you need to consider when financing home without equity

    If you are planning to buy a property but do not have equity, you must first expect higher interest rates - real estate buyers must be aware of this. This is not reprehensible either, because banks always offset an increased risk of default with higher lending rates. The higher the equity, the cheaper the real estate financing is usually. Banks recommend paying at least the additional costs, which are around 20% of the property purchase price, from your own resources. Because the interest surcharge for the additional costs can be comparatively high. The reason is that the ancillary costs are not secured by the value of the property. The bank therefore bears a significantly higher risk with full financing than, for example, with 80% financing. Banks pay for this risk.

    In the case of real estate financing without equity capital, many banks require a higher repayment rate of 2 to 3% in addition to a risk premium on the interest rate. That makes perfect sense. Because a high initial repayment ensures that equity is created retrospectively. Of course, a high repayment rate drives the monthly rate up at the same time. In this respect, there is no general recommendation with regard to the repayment portion for financing without equity capital. Rather, it must be checked individually for each applicant which repayment rate is reasonable and affordable. Before deciding on real estate financing without equity capital, the financing partner should therefore calculate exactly how high the monthly burden of the financing will be and how much the applicant can afford at most per month.

    Not all banks offer real estate financing without equity. Most credit institutions require a regular income from non-self-employed work and a minimum employment period of three, sometimes even six months. Many banks are cautious with fixed-term employment contracts or an employment period of less than six months (probationary period).
    A positive SCHUFA is also a basic requirement for many banks when it comes to the full financing of a property. If you don't have any further installment loans, it is usually easier to get home financing without equity. However, if the current liabilities are within the framework and the applicant has a good credit rating, the chances of financing without equity capital are very good.
    In addition, the applicant's professional situation is also decisive for the credit decision and the amount of the interest rate. Civil servants and employees in the public service, for example, usually receive a particularly good interest rate because of their employment, which is considered particularly secure. On the other hand, self-employed people find it very difficult to get real estate financing at all because of their fluctuating income. If there is no equity available, this often leads to a loan refusal.

    Do you currently have plans to purchase real estate and have already been rejected by your house bank? We are happy to take care of your financing request. Thanks to our special financing programs, we have already been able to meet numerous financing requests that were previously rejected.

    Find the right property with the right financing

    When choosing a new home, property buyers should also pay attention to factors that determine the value of the property. The value of the property plays a particularly important role in financing without equity capital. The relevant factors include, for example, location, infrastructure, the condition of the property, vacancies in houses or future construction projects in the area. Information on this can be obtained from the building authority or land registry office. If the property loses value in a few years, the security for the bank automatically decreases. This can then demand additional security such as guarantees or life insurance.
    We can advise you comprehensively in the field of property search and valuation - thanks to our many years of experience, our property team will be happy to support you in finding a property of stable value that is suitable for you.

    Anyone who already has a suitable property in mind must also think about financing at the same time. Finding a financing partner is often difficult, especially when there is no equity capital. But real estate of stable value is in great demand and real estate buyers often need capital very quickly in order to be able to buy at the right time. In the case of real estate financing without equity, each individual case must be examined very individually and comprehensively. Not many banks in Germany even offer home financing without equity. The market is anything but transparent, the conditions and criteria differ from provider to provider. Finding the right financing partner can take a lot of effort and time.

    Best Credit makes it easy for real estate buyers: We work with all relevant financing partners in the field of construction and real estate financing and can access all credit conditions in real time via technical interfaces. We are therefore able to quickly find the right offer for your property purchase without equity. Simply fill out our online application form. We guarantee that we do not charge any preliminary costs for the preparation of our offer.

    Optimize creditworthiness and increase financing opportunities

    Particularly with home financing without equity capital, a secure income situation and a good credit rating are important. After all, the bank is taking an increased risk. The credit default risk should be correspondingly low. Only borrowers who, according to the credit check, are financially able to service their financing installments by the end of the term will also receive a loan approval. But if you are planning to buy a property, you can also optimize your finances to a certain extent.

    Use savings potential

    To evaluate the creditworthiness, the relationship between income and expenditure is first considered. On the income side, there is usually not much that can be done in the short term. Those who do not get the benefit of an exorbitant increase in salary have only limited influence on the increase in their monthly income. The situation is different on the expenditure side: there are often enormous savings opportunities here. Keeping a budget book creates transparency and provides information about where particularly high costs are incurred and where savings potential can be used, for example by changing provider. Even if you have several installment loans running in parallel, for example, you can drastically reduce your monthly burdens by summarizing and rescheduling all current liabilities - and that practically overnight. This immediately creates financial leeway and improves creditworthiness.

    Keep an eye on your Schufa data

    Consumers who plan to apply for home financing without equity in the next few months or years should also know how their Schufa information is doing. For this purpose, it is advisable to obtain a self-assessment from the Schufa. This is even possible free of charge once a year. This can prevent the loan application from being rejected due to incorrect or outdated data stored at Schufa. It is not uncommon for creditors to fail to report to Schufa if, for example, an installment loan has been completely repaid. In case of doubt, this is still in the Schufa file, even though the loan has long been paid off, and can have a negative effect on the interest rate or even lead to a rejection of the real estate financing applied for. If, based on your self-disclosure, you find that Schufa has stored information about you that is incorrect or out of date, you should request that this data be corrected or deleted.

    Fair, transparent, close to the customer - that is credit SUN

    Are you planning to purchase a property, but have not yet been able to create any financial reserves that you can bring into the financing as equity? While most banks in Germany require at least 20% equity and directly reject financing requests if they lack equity, the experts at Best Credit make the dream of having their own four walls come true even for customers without equity. From a large portfolio of financing partners, we will find the offer for you that exactly matches your requirements and requirements. We discuss our offer openly and honestly with our customers. Our consulting service is of course free of charge and without obligation. You decide for yourself whether you want to accept our offer or not. Simply send us your financing request and you will shortly receive a corresponding offer from your personal contact - often within 24 hours!

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