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Credit conditions for consumer loans according to §6a PAngV (creditworthiness required): Net loan amounts: 1,000 to 300,000 EURO; Contract periods: 12 to 240 months; eff. Annual interest: 1.93% - 15.99% (depending on creditworthiness); fixed borrowing rate from 1.92% pa Representative example according to §6a PAngV: Net loan amount: 5,000 euros; Contract duration: 72 months; Monthly installment: 82.62 EURO; Total amount: 5,948.91 EURO; effective annual interest rate: 6.06%; Fixed borrowing rate pa: 5.90%

Construction financing despite negative Schufa entry
- the experts at credit SUN make it possible!

Construction financing despite bad or negative Schufa on fair terms

A negative Schufa entry or a bad Schufa score can quickly put a spanner in the works when it comes to financing a property or a new building. The bank's rejection is promptly on the table. But we look a little deeper behind the scenes and take a close look at the overall financial situation of our customers. Not everyone who is planning to buy or build a property has a perfect Schufa. Often it is simply unfortunate circumstances that lead to a negative Schufa - that can happen very quickly. Sometimes an unpaid bill from a mobile phone provider is enough and you have a negative feature with the Schufa. This remains for three years, even if the bill has been paid in the meantime. There can be many reasons why a consumer gets a negative Schufa entry. In some cases, a negative feature is entered completely wrongly. But once the negative feature has been entered in the Schufa, no one asks afterwards how this came about.
However, a negative Schufa does not have to mean that the person is not solvent or has a bad credit rating. Our credit experts know this and therefore also enable applicants with negative Schufa to obtain construction financing on fair terms. Many borrowers are quite able to pay their monthly mortgage rates - even with negative Schufa. It is therefore worthwhile to clarify the background and severity of the negative feature in order to be able to realistically assess the creditworthiness and payment history of the borrower.
For the financing specialists at Best Credit , a negative Schufa entry is therefore not per se a reason to reject real estate or construction financing. It always depends on the overall financial situation. If the decisive factors that are important for a home loan or a property purchase are correct, we will make it possible to finance your dream property despite a negative Schufa characteristic.

Construction financing despite Schufa thanks to special financing programs

While many banks stubbornly work through a catalog of criteria as part of the credit check, the experts at Best Credit take enough time to look at the financial situation of each customer in detail and to work out a financing concept that not only leads to a positive credit decision, but also ensures that the customer can service his loan over the entire term. Thanks to our cooperation with special providers in the field of mortgage lending, customers with negative Schufa are not rejected across the board. If a customer is financially able to pay his monthly loan installments, nothing stands in the way of approval and payment of a construction loan - despite negative Schufa. Even if the applicant already has installment loans or other financing in progress, construction financing can be approved - as long as the According to the credit check, the applicant's creditworthiness allows the loan installments to be serviced on time until the end of the term. The mortgage plan is individually tailored to the requirements of each customer.

Non-binding and free financing check at Best Credit

Would you like to build a house or buy a property, but the financing fails due to your negative Schufa? Request your own personal financing offer from Best Credit - without obligation and free of charge. Simply fill out our application form and you will receive a prompt response from your personal building finance expert. He is available for all questions about your construction financing despite Schufa and creates an individual financing concept that exactly fits your requirements. There are no costs or fees for the credit check and preparation of offers. With your request you do not enter into any obligations, you can only benefit!

Over 25 years of experience with special construction financing despite negative credit bureau

The financing experts at Best Credit can already look back on over 25 years of experience. Hundreds of customers benefit every day from this grown know-how. Best Credit focuses in particular on customers who have already been rejected by other providers, for example because of their negative Schufa. Construction financing despite Schufa, real estate financing despite a weak Schufa score or follow-up financing despite Schufa and high installment credit charges - that is exactly our daily business. We have built up our core competencies in this area over many years. Our financing specialists know the problems of customers who have already been rejected by their house bank. You are also familiar with the vendors and funding programs in the market that are the solution for these customers. For us, the decisive factor for the approval of a construction loan is not a positive Schufa, but primarily that our customers can service their financing effortlessly.

Home loan

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These criteria are checked:

  • A regular income must be available in sufficient amount to be able to pay off the monthly installment in due time by the end of the term.
  • In most cases, a permanent employment relationship and a minimum employment period of three months is required.
  • The type, value and encumbrances of the property, which the bank uses as security, also play a major role.
  • The number and amount of current personal loans are also taken into account in the credit check. Often, however, these can be rescheduled at favorable real estate conditions, thereby improving the creditworthiness.

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Whether positive or negative Schufa
- What to consider when financing a building

Check Schufa scoring and entries

A negative Schufa entry is annoying and is a reason for rejection for most banks in Germany. If you are planning to purchase or build a property and need construction financing, it is best to find out how your Schufa is doing before you apply for construction financing -Scoring is available and which entries are noted in your Schufa file. Obtain a self-assessment from the Schufa. In this way, you can already think about where to apply for your construction financing before you apply - whether at your house bank or, better, directly from a provider who specializes in construction financing despite negative Schufa.

Have Schufa entries corrected if necessary

If you discover that the information about you that is stored in the Schufa file is no longer up-to-date or even incorrect, it is best to contact Schufa directly - with the request to correct or delete the data. For example, it may be that a loan that you have already paid off for a long time still appears in your Schufa after three years. This can happen if the creditor has failed to notify Schufa in time that the loan has been repaid in full. When applying for a home loan, however, such outdated data can fall on your feet and lead, for example, to a higher interest rate. Therefore, you should always have your Schufa data in view and keep it up to date.

Examination of your own finances and preparation for the mortgage application

Prepare specifically for the conversation with your bank or your financial advisor and have relevant data such as monthly income, expenses, purchase price, ancillary costs, etc. ready. This speeds up the process many times over and gives the mortgage lender the impression that you have your finances under control and that you have prepared carefully. Some mortgage lenders know some of the credit verification criteria. Take a close look at your finances and see if you meet the necessary requirements.

Construction finance for self-employed and freelancers

Certain customer groups generally find it difficult to get construction financing from the bank - even if they do not have a negative Schufa. Since the self-employed and freelancers do not receive a fixed monthly salary, for example, but the income situation depends heavily on the order situation and the payment behavior of the customers, the risk assessment for banks is particularly difficult here. Because with strongly fluctuating income, banks cannot really forecast the risk of default. In order to get at least an idea of ​​what the income situation has been like in recent years, whether there is an upward trend and whether there have been strong "outliers" up or down, the self-employed must have their income statement or balance sheet of the submit in the last three years. If the documents show that the income is within a certain range, but gives a coherent picture overall, the bank often also approves construction financing for the self-employed.

Short or long term?

Choose the right term. Because both the interest rate and your installment amount depend on it. The basic rule for the running time is as short as possible, as long as necessary. This means: Basically, it is advantageous to set the term as short as possible, as this favors a low interest rate. On the other hand, a short term always means a correspondingly higher financing rate. If the monthly rate is too high, you can quickly take over financially. It is better to set the rate a little lower so that you are still able to service your monthly financing rate if an unplanned higher bill flutters into the house.

Longer interest rate fixation in a low interest rate phase

In times of low interest rates, it is advisable to choose a longer term. Because in this way the borrower can already secure a favorable interest rate for the coming years (fixed interest rate). But the longer the term, the more expensive the construction financing becomes. Therefore, it must be carefully weighed in each individual case which run time is the optimal one.

Comparison of several mortgage offers

Before applying for a home loan, it is worth comparing different providers. There can be big differences in terms of conditions. Accordingly, the costs of mortgage lending can vary greatly from provider to provider. Not only the interest rate is relevant here, but also other cost components such as fees for the transfer of land charges or any early repayment penalty. Those who shy away from the hassle of obtaining multiple mortgage offers can simply save themselves this work: Best Credit works with all relevant mortgage lenders on the market and selects the best mortgage offer for you. This means that the tedious search for a special provider for construction financing despite Schufa is superfluous - Best Credit will submit your individual offer for construction financing despite Schufa immediately after your request.

Apply for follow-up financing in good time

If your existing construction financing is about to expire, you should look around for cheap follow-up financing in good time. We recommend making an offer for follow-up financing at least three months before the fixed interest rate expires. With the new home loan directive coming into effect, borrowers are now having difficulty obtaining follow-up financing who would have been able to get a loan from their bank just a few years ago. Many property owners are faced with the problem that, in the worst case, they even have to sell their property. It doesn't have to come to that. At Best Credit , borrowers who have already been rejected elsewhere can also receive mortgage lending - even with a negative Schufa.

Well advised by your personal contact

Would you like to build a house or buy a property, but do not get adequate financing from your house bank due to your negative Schufa? Do you need professional advice on the subject of mortgage lending? Our financing professionals will steal your questions and answers and help you get the construction financing you want, despite Schufa! Simply send us your financing request - your personal contact will get in touch with you promptly - usually within 24 hours - and create an individual construction financing offer for you! Let us check your options for a construction or real estate financing despite Schufa - without obligation and free of charge!

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