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Realize modernization plans and increase the value of your property

Sooner or later investments have to be made for every property: regardless of whether the bathroom needs a thorough renovation after years, the roof needs to be repaired at short notice, or the old central heating needs to be replaced with a new, energy-efficient heater. With the Best Credit modernization loan, you can flexibly finance both smaller and larger projects. It does not matter whether the property is used by you or was acquired as an investment. The modernization loan ensures that the value of your property is increased as well as the comfort factor.

Modernization loan: The special loan program for property owners

Modernization loans are intended exclusively for property owners. As a rule, tenants are not allowed to carry out major modernization measures without the consent of the owner. A small-scale modernization loan does not have to be entered in the land register. On the one hand, this saves notary fees and, on the other hand, no further rank is given in the land register. The modernization loan from Best Credit offers property owners not only low interest rates , but also special repayment options that allow faster repayment of the loan, as well as the option to defer installments or to repay early free of charge. Particularly favorable conditions are also often possible with regional banks, as they tie their financing offer to the use of local craftsmen, for example. The experts at Best Credit have access to all financing offers on the market and will find the modernization loan program that is most advantageous for you. We do not charge any fees for our consulting services - our offer is free and non-binding for you.

State-sponsored modernization loans

Modernization loans with state funding - whether from state development agencies (KfW) or from the federal government - are currently available at extremely favorable interest rates . Already for well below 2% eff. Annual interest can be obtained from state-subsidized modernization capital. When taking out a modernization loan, certain requirements must be met, which also depend on the focus of the program. This means that the borrower is tied to a specific purpose and is not allowed to use the money at will. However, those who meet the requirements - for example for energy-efficient renovation - should definitely use state-sponsored special programs due to the favorable conditions. Because the means are limited and are not freely available.

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The modernization loan from credit SUN :

  • Loan amounts from € 5,000 to € 60,000
  • No entry in the land register
  • Special repayments possible at any time
  • Particularly favorable through earmarking
  • Low rates thanks to terms of up to 30 years
Modernization loan

Save energy and increase property value

Real estate is stable in value and is therefore the ideal capital investment for security-conscious people. For many, a home is still something valuable that will last for the rest of their lives. The maintenance and modernization of the property plays an important role so that it remains habitable and does not lose its value. With a modernization measure such as energetic insulation of the house facade or the installation of a solar system, homeowners can not only save a lot of energy and thus reduce energy costs, but also increase the value of their property enormously. With older properties in particular, extensive modernization measures can lead to a significant increase in both the quality of living and the market value.

Renovate. Modernize. Benefit!

Would you like to remodel or modernize your home, but you don't know exactly which type of financing suits you best? We will show you which loan is best suited for your project - whether it is a simple consumer loan, building finance or modernization loan with KfW funding. Just contact us - we will be happy to advise you. Or simply request your personal offer online. There are guaranteed no upfront costs.

KfW programs to promote energy modernization

The Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau is the world's largest national promotional bank and, with its promotional programs, not only supports the construction or acquisition of KfW efficiency houses, but also many projects and individual measures relating to energy-efficient renovation and modernization of existing properties. Depending on the specific project, KfW provides various grants and loan programs to help builders, property buyers and homeowners financially with energy modernization. For example, there is the option of receiving a KfW loan from 0.75% APR or an investment grant of up to € 30,000 for a refurbishment to a KfW efficiency house or for individual energy-related measures. We would be happy to check the KfW funding options for your specific case.

In addition, there are a number of other funding from the state, such as the Riester funding or BAFA funding. Let us talk about various financing and funding options in a non-binding conversation. We will find the right solution for you, guaranteed without upfront costs.

What to consider with the modernization loan

If you are planning a major renovation or modernization measure and would like to take advantage of a corresponding loan, you should ideally draw up a precise cost plan before applying for the modernization loan. Many banks rate it very positively when the loan applicant can show an exact calculation of the costs.

When applying for the loan, the applicant should state “modernization / renovation” as the purpose. The Best Credit financing experts know immediately that this is a special loan program that may even be subsidized by the state. Accordingly, the clerk can directly prepare a suitable offer for the modernization loan.

The law regulates exactly for which measures modernization loans can be granted. In practice, however, banks still have a certain amount of decision-making freedom and often do not differentiate between the maintenance and modernization of a property. In general, it is always advisable to discuss the modernization project openly and honestly with your financing partner.

Home loan

Good to know!

Measures that are considered to be modernization in accordance with Section 555b of the German Civil Code contribute to ...

  • to reduce energy consumption (energy modernization) or
  • reduce water consumption or
  • sustainably increase the value of the property or
  • to optimize living conditions in the long term or to create new living space.

Fair advice. Inexpensive modernized. This is credit SUN

Are you planning a renovation, modernization or even a major conversion / extension of your property? With a modernization loan, due to the earmarking, you usually receive more favorable interest conditions than with an installment loan without earmarking and, depending on the modernization measure, possibly also state subsidies. We would be happy to examine your individual financing options for you.

Simply send us your financing request without obligation. Your personal contact will be happy to advise you and will get back to you promptly with a specific offer - often within 24 hours! Neither the preparation of the offer nor our consulting services are associated with preliminary costs. Our offer is completely non-binding and free of charge - even if you do not want to take advantage of our offer in the end.

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