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Prevent foreclosure
- with a fair refinancing from credit SUN

Refinancing of existing liabilities - even in difficult cases

The fastest and most uncomplicated solution to avert an impending foreclosure sale is to find a reputable financing partner who can replace existing liabilities on good terms. The financing experts at Best Credit examine each request individually and with the necessary care. A negative feature at Schufa or high installment credit charges are not a reason for rejection for us. Thanks to special real estate financing programs, we are able to refinance even in difficult cases and thus prevent a foreclosure sale. At Best Credit you get quick help from experts. We ensure a clean repayment of current liabilities and rapid rate relief.

Individual financial plan - free of charge and without obligation

We develop an individual financial plan for each of our customers, which is tailored to their personal situation. In this way, we ensure that our customers are quickly able to meet their payment obligations again by reducing the debt burden and refinancing with lower loan rates.
We do not charge any preliminary costs. Our consulting services are free of charge and are not bound by any obligations.

credit SUN : Bank-independent, customer-oriented and 25 years of experience

When it comes to saving a property from a foreclosure auction, we have been by our customers' side for over 25 years. We work independently of banks and are thus able to offer each customer the best individual financing solution on the market - even with a negative credit history. We take every customer seriously and provide customer and needs-oriented advice. Saving a property from impending foreclosure can be a complex task for which the cooperation of our customers is imperative. This is the only way our experts are able to work out an individual financial plan and quickly find an agreement with creditors.

If any of these cases apply, speak to the experts at credit SUN :

The bank terminates your real estate loan

You have a steady income, have unfortunately got into financial difficulties and now a loan is about to be canceled.

Do not wait too long - get professional advice!

You have too many other liabilities besides your home loan

You are a homeowner and have a number of other installment loans up and running. Regrettably, you have miscalculated and can no longer meet your financial obligations.

We summarize your liabilities in one installment!

You are threatened with a foreclosure sale of your property

You are threatened with a foreclosure sale of your home, but you could basically afford a loan installment. A foreclosure auction can often be averted by refinancing.

Let our experts create an individual financial plan for you!

Have financing options checked free of charge and without obligation

No upfront costs. Non-binding inquiry. Without risk.

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  • Michael

    “My total expenses for the repayment have been reduced enormously and I am liquid again. (...) I would go this way again at any time if I had financial problems. "

    Michael F. from Berlin

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    Foreclosure? We won't let it get that far!

    Act before it's too late - the earlier the better!

    If the bank has already terminated your loan due to payment difficulties, the next step is a foreclosure sale of the property. In this case, the most important thing is to stay calm and not bury your head in the sand. Don't let it come to a foreclosure sale! Find professional help in good time. In many cases, if there is a threat of a foreclosure auction, a solution can still be found that can prevent the loss of your own four walls. The sooner you act, the higher the chance of saving your property from a foreclosure sale.

    Mortgage lending without equity

    Prevent foreclosure - we support you!

    For most people, mortgage lending or a real estate loan is probably the biggest investment of their life. The persistently low interest rates are the reason for many to buy their own property now. The mortgage rates are adapted to the borrower's current financial possibilities. Nobody wants to think about unfortunate events that can cause the dream to burst. For years, loan installments are paid off according to plan - with the aim of being debt-free by the time you retire. But sometimes fate means badly: Suddenly, the single-earning father of the family of four dies, suffers a serious accident that makes him unable to work, or the spouse separates and neither of the two can finance the financing alone.

    Such fates are often the beginning of never-ending family tragedies. It then quickly comes to insolvency and finally to the termination of the real estate loan. The bank then has no other option than to sell the property in a foreclosure auction. There are many causes that lead to a foreclosure auction. For those affected it feels like the ground is being pulled from under your feet. In many cases, it is no longer possible for those affected to keep a clear head and think rationally about possible solutions. A foreclosure auction can very often be prevented if the person concerned seeks help in good time.

    After the loan has been canceled by the financing bank, the person concerned often has up to six months to find new financing or an alternative solution. Anyone who does not use this time is ultimately threatened with a foreclosure auction. Debt rescheduling to a new real estate loan can be the saving solution if there is a threat of foreclosure. Even with a negative SCHUFA, we can help in many cases and save the property. Further installment loans can be included in the rescheduling if necessary.

    If you are currently in a similar emergency, please do not hesitate to contact us. We take care of the matter and do our best to help you out of an emergency with a real estate loan in the event of an impending foreclosure sale. In many cases, the auction of your property can be prevented with a suitable rescheduling. We guarantee that we do not charge any preliminary costs for our services.

    Home loan

    It's never too late to take the first step!

    Even if foreclosure proceedings are already in progress, it is often not too late. In many cases we can still save the property, even if there are already dunning procedures and negative Schufa entries. We work with special financial partners who are also willing to finance people with a negative credit history. First and foremost, it is important that the property has stable value and that you are financially able to service a (low) loan rate according to the credit check. Act now - we will support you in saving your property from the foreclosure auction!

    Real estate financing and rescheduling despite negative SCHUFA

    Would you like to purchase your dream property or need refinancing or follow-up financing, but you have a negative Schufa? We help you to find a financing partner who enables you to finance real estate despite negative SCHUFA. You get a negative entry at SCHUFA faster than you think. Sometimes an unpaid invoice is enough - even if the invoice may have been wrongly issued. However, if you do not submit a written objection, but simply ignore the invoice, you risk a negative entry, which remains even after the invoice has already been paid. Most banks in Germany react to a negative SCHUFA by rejecting the loan request. Unfortunately, it is not questioned how this negative feature came about. Especially when it comes to a larger amount of funding, the situation is often hopeless for an applicant with a negative SCHUFA.

    Even those who have already financed a property, but have got into financial difficulties and can no longer pay their installments, quickly collects the termination of the property loan from their bank and consequently a negative SCHUFA entry. The only thing that still helps is to reschedule the loan through another bank. Due to the negative SCHUFA, however, those affected find it extremely difficult to find a new financing partner.

    But there are ways to finance a property even if the SCHUFA is negative. Talk to the experts at Best Credit . Here you will receive fair and non-binding advice. We explain the various options and solutions to you in a very transparent and honest manner - guaranteed without upfront costs.

    Request a loan in the event of an impending foreclosure sale

    Even if you are already threatened with a foreclosure sale, there are ways and means to save your property. Talk to our experts. We have been advising customers for over 25 years and helping our customers step by step out of the foreclosure auction.
    Simply send us your financing request.

    All necessary data for a real loan application is recorded in our loan application form. Here Best Credit is consciously different from its competitors, who sometimes only ask for master data. However, no valid loan offer can be drawn up on the basis of rudimentary data.

    You will not incur any costs for processing your request. If the loan brokerage is successful, there are no processing fees. We create a loan offer that is guaranteed to be non-binding for you.

    Individual advice in the event of an impending foreclosure sale

    Simply send us your financing request. Your personal contact person will get in touch with you within 24 hours and discuss your details with you. For extensive advice, please make an appointment for a personal conversation. We take a close look at your initial situation and work out an individual financial plan for you - guaranteed without processing fees and completely non-binding!

    The loan experts atBest Credit
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