Loans for the self-employed, loans for freelancers and corporate loans - take advantage of new digital and global financial markets!

What was previously very difficult for self-employed, freelancers and smaller companies in Germany is now very simple: Now small and medium-sized companies can quickly and unbureaucratically receive a loan for self-employed and companies - regardless of whether they are managing partners, freelancers or owners of a partnership. Best Credit offers a real alternative to the house bank, with particularly fast processing, fair conditions and unbureaucratic credit checks.

The loan for self-employed and freelancers

(without entry in the commercial register)

Up to € 30,000

From 3.9% APR
Up to 84 months term

  • For free use, also privately
  • Credit decision within 24 hours
  • At least 3 months independence required

The corporate loan

(with entry in the commercial register)

Up to € 250,000
Higher sums are checked individually.

From 1.99% APR
Up to 72 months term

  • Loan approval within 48 hours
  • Free use, also for equipment
  • Company must have existed for 2 years

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Fill out the application online


Receipt of loan agreement after telephone consultation


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Receive the amount of money you want quickly

We offer new opportunities for the self-employed, freelancers and companies to get a loan and thus bring their business forward

A loan for the self-employed is possible with a loan amount of € 2,000 to € 30,000 and with terms of 12 to 84 months. We can make you an offer from as little as 24 months of self-employment.

For companies, Best Credit offers a corporate loan of up to € 250,000 with flexible terms of up to 72 months. The company owner's guarantee serves as security.

The digitization of the financial markets opens up real opportunities for the self-employed, freelancers, and small and medium-sized companies

Self-employed people who apply for a loan from their house bank are often rejected with arguments such as “too high risk of default”, “no fixed income” or “insufficient collateral”. Getting a loan as a self-employed person has been a difficult undertaking and required perseverance and tenacity. Unlike employees or civil servants, the self-employed and freelancers do not have a constant monthly income. The monthly income depends on many factors such as the order situation, market penetration or new competitors entering the market. Seasonal fluctuations in monthly income also make it difficult for banks to realistically assess the creditworthiness of the self-employed and freelancers. For this reason, banks often classify the self-employed as a risk group.

However, in the course of digitization, completely new opportunities are emerging on the credit market for the self-employed as well as small and medium-sized companies. Self-employed people no longer have to go to a bank advisor to realize their ideas, but can, for example, borrow money from private individuals via online credit marketplaces. Here it is not the bank that decides, but each individual private investor on the platform whether or not the loan is granted to a self-employed or freelancer. Strictly speaking, this is a personal loan for the self-employed and freelancers, but it can also be used for business purposes.

This works automatically and unbureaucratically via Best Credit . Because Best Credit is connected to several providers in the field of peer-to-peer loans. The loan application can be checked promptly and approved quickly if the result is positive. The creditworthiness of a self-employed person is checked using relevant evidence such as business evaluations, tax assessment and bank statements. Self-employed and freelancers receive a credit decision within a few hours of filling out our credit form. credtiSUN makes the loan for self-employed people predictable and secure.

Corporate finance

Invest in the future with a corporate loan

Even small and medium-sized companies often find it difficult to get a company loan from their house bank. As a rule, the credit volume for commercial loans is significantly higher than for installment loans that are used privately. This also increases the risk. Determining the creditworthiness of a company is also much more complex than that of private individuals. In order to be able to assess the creditworthiness correctly, banks require not only annual financial statements, account statements and business evaluations from companies but also the provision of real collateral, e.g. the transfer of ownership of machines or vehicles as security or the entry of a land charge. Last but not least, the appearance and credibility of the company owner play an important role for a bank in the credit decision. Due to time-consuming bureaucratic processes, the bank can sometimes even wait months for a decision.

What can sometimes take months at the bank is possible within 48 hours with Best Credit . The Best Credit corporate loan offers small and medium-sized companies real added value and immediately covers acute financing needs. Investments, interesting projects by companies or innovative business ideas can now be financed much faster and more conveniently with crowdlending solutions than with a traditional bank loan. Best Credit takes full advantage of new financing options that the digital financial market has created in recent years and cooperates with established crowdfunding providers. Small and medium-sized companies can get a company loan easily and unbureaucratically via creditSUN.

Our loan programs for self-employed, freelancers, sole proprietorships, traders and medium-sized companies offer flexible terms and favorable conditions.

Best Credit stands out from competing offers through a quick and easy credit check. Only the most important documents are required for our application. Whether working capital loan, business loan or investment loan - our loans for self-employed and companies are not earmarked and are paid directly to your account. As a self-employed person, you can also use the loan for private use. Of course, you can also replace existing, expensive loans with the self-employed loan or the corporate loan from Best Credit . From the 6th month onwards, we also enable you to redeem part or all of the payments early, without any prepayment penalty.

We would be happy to make you an individual offer.

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