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Schufa E-Pool is supposed to expose "bonus hoppers" and reject the change

Schufa E-Pool

You probably know the Schufa in connection with the credit check. It evaluates a customer's creditworthiness. However, Schufa is currently under suspicion that it is working on a database (“Schufa E-Pool”) in order to pass it on to energy suppliers and thus systematically reject the “bonus hoppers”. "Bonus hoppers" are customers who often switch their electricity and gas in order to benefit from the new customer bonus and thus save money . The Schufa denies these allegations. In this article you can find out what is behind it and what it can mean for those who change frequently.

What does the Schufa say about the allegations?

The Schufa contradicts the claims. The idea and goal of an e-pool was not to identify “frequent changers” in order to prevent them from being able to change their energy supplier. One wants to still offer a contract with customers who have been rejected by transmitting industry-related information to the energy suppliers.

Customers should stay with the old energy supplier

It goes without saying that the energy suppliers are interested in keeping customers as long as possible. Customers who switch again after the minimum contract period and collect the bonus are particularly unattractive. Should there really be something to the allegations, then the change of the energy supplier will be made much more difficult. If a customer would like to switch to another electricity provider and this is rejected, they probably have no choice but to stay with the provider. Even with price increases, the customer would stay with the old energy supplier.

The Schufa E-Pool has been withdrawn from the market since August 2020

After there was very strong criticism of the Schufa E-Pool, this database has been removed from the offer since August 2020. As a reason, the Schufa gave a lack of marketability. It remains to be seen whether the Schufa E-Pool will come back on the market in the future.

"Hoppers" can currently still benefit from bonus advantages

According to the current status and according to the statements of the Schufa, you can continue to change your electricity or gas provider without any problems. When comparing electricity, you should include the prices per kWh and the bonus. In some cases, the electricity provider without a bonus is still cheaper because the prices per kWh are significantly cheaper. Whether it is worth changing electricity for you depends on various factors such as annual consumption or whether there is a price guarantee.

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