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The development of interest rates over the past 20 years shows a clear downward trend. In view of the persistently low interest rates, it makes sense to realize your dream of having your own four walls as soon as possible. Because real estate loans are now cheaper than ever. The idea of ​​investing in your own home instead of paying rent and living rent-free in old age is absolutely justified.

However, young couples and families often have little or no equity capital that they can bring into real estate financing. But you don't have to do without your own property. Because the acquisition of a condominium or a house is not necessarily tied to a certain equity share. Even without equity, there are ways to realize your dream of your own home.

So-called full financing is particularly useful in times of low building interest rates. With full financing, all costs associated with the purchase of a property are covered: the purchase price, the ancillary purchase costs, if necessary renovation costs, the purchase of furniture and, if necessary, a rescheduling of existing liabilities.

Benefit from the advantages of real estate financing without equity:

  • Full financing at current low interest rates
  • Special repayments possible
  • Flexible terms
  • Keep saved as a financial reserve
  • Without initial costs

Anyone who saves equity for many years and waits too long may in a few years get real estate financing at significantly worse credit terms - apart from the rising real estate prices. Financing real estate without equity capital may even make more sense than financing with equity capital in 5 to 10 years at higher terms, provided that a few points are observed. Of course, we check each individual case and are happy to advise you on this decision with in-depth specialist knowledge and concrete figures. Our offer is non-binding and guaranteed free of charge .

Take the chance of low interest rates and save a lot of money in this way. With our many years of experience as a specialist in real estate financing, we are at your disposal for all questions about buying a home without equity.

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What you need to consider when financing real estate without equity

If you are planning to buy a property but do not have equity, you must first expect higher interest rates - real estate buyers must be aware of this. This is not surprising either, because banks always offset an increased risk of default with higher lending rates. The higher the equity, the cheaper the real estate financing is usually. Banks recommend paying at least the additional costs, which is around 10-15% of the property purchase price, from your own resources. Because the interest surcharge for the additional costs can be comparatively high. The reason is that the ancillary costs are not secured by the value of the property. The bank therefore bears a significantly higher risk with full financing than, for example, with 80% financing. Banks pay for this risk.

With real estate financing without equity capital, a risk premium on the interest rate and a higher minimum repayment of 2 to 3% must be expected. That makes perfect sense. Because a high initial repayment ensures that equity is created retrospectively. Of course, a high repayment rate drives the monthly rate up at the same time. Before deciding on real estate financing without equity, you should calculate exactly how much you can afford per month, and how high the total burden is compared to financing with equity.

Not all banks offer real estate financing without equity. Most credit institutions require a regular income from non-self-employed work with at least six months of employment. Banks are very critical in the case of fixed-term employment contracts or an employment period of less than six months (probationary period). A positive SCHUFA is also a basic requirement for many banks when it comes to fully financing a property. If you don't have any further loans, it is usually easier to get real estate financing without equity. However, if the current liabilities are within the framework and the applicant has a good credit rating, the chances of financing without equity capital are very good.

Find the right property with the right financing

When choosing your new home, be aware of factors that can affect the value of the property. This includes, for example, the location, infrastructure, condition of the property, vacancies in houses or future construction projects in the area (information can be obtained from the building authority or land registry). If your property loses value in a few years, the security for the bank automatically decreases. This can then demand additional security such as guarantees or life insurance. We can also provide you with comprehensive advice in the field of property searches and valuations - thanks to our many years of experience, our property team is happy to support you in finding a property that is suitable for you and of stable value.

Finding a bank that will finance your new home without equity capital is quite feasible, provided you meet the above criteria. Comparing the conditions of different providers directly with each other and finding the cheapest offer for real estate financing without equity is a little more difficult. Many banks offer real estate financing without equity capital, but rarely publish specific conditions for this special case. Best Credit works with a large number of financial partners in this area and can access all credit conditions in real time via technical interfaces. We are therefore able to quickly find the right offer for your property purchase without equity. Simply fill out our online application form. We guarantee that we will not charge you any preliminary costs for preparing our offer.