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Consumer advice center recommends: Regular control of the Schufa information

Control of the Schufa information

In the meantime, almost everyone is familiar with the fact that when opening new accounts or concluding contracts, the respective companies and contractual partners check their own creditworthiness. However, many are not clear what this own creditworthiness looks like or is documented: This is why the consumer advice center recommends regular checks of your own SCHUFA information. 1 In many everyday situations, this can help to gain orientation and security about the personal financial data created by SCHUFA .

What are the benefits of regular checks on SCHUFA information?

If you check your own SCHUFA regularly, you can find out how your business partners from a wide variety of industries (banks, landlords, entrepreneurs, etc.) assess your personal creditworthiness. In addition, during this control of the SCHUFA information, you can check whether your data is actually correct: It is not uncommon for SCHUFA to have outdated or even incorrect credit information about you. With a self-assessment in the form of a credit check, you can counteract this and, if necessary, delete old data or have incorrect / falsified data corrected.

Many consumers become victims of SCHUFA fraudsters who shop under a false name and then fail to pay for the goods. Those whose name was given now have to deal with the fact that they receive negative SCHUFA entries because the price of the goods they bought was not paid. In order to counteract or counteract such identity theft and the decline in your own creditworthiness , regular control of the SCHUFA information is essential in order to keep your own payment practices adequate and "pure"!

Apply for the SCHUFA self-assessment

You can obtain your own credit report on the SCHUFA website. Here you will find step-by-step instructions for free Schufa information , which you can request once a year. If you would like to receive further or more information, all further creditworthiness information for the calendar year is subject to a charge. For the landlord, for example, a free SCHUFA information is usually sufficient, in which, however, irrelevant data for the landlord - which can sometimes be very personal (such as the credit card number) - should be blacked out.

Keep the information in mind that you are legally entitled to obtain a free inspection of the SCHUFA information once a year: Many internet service providers also advertise the important control of the SCHUFA information with offers that are subject to a fee. A free credit check is sufficient, unless you want to receive forms that only contain specific, context-related information (e.g. for the landlord).

SCHUFA's online access, which you can take out with a subscription, is also subject to a charge: With the help of this access, you can use the real-time function to access your information stored at SCHUFA at any time and immediately, if you notice incorrect or outdated data, with deletion or change instructions respond. As a rule, such permanent and updated access is not necessary for private use. An annual check of the SCHUFA information is completely sufficient to detect credit fraudsters and data theft in good time.

Negative SCHUFA entries and their effects in everyday life

Always remember to actually use the free SCHUFA service once a year! Negative SCHUFA entries can sometimes have an unfavorable effect on a wide variety of situations in your everyday life: think, for example, of the moment when you want to conclude a new collective agreement with the mobile phone provider of your choice. If the provider checks your creditworthiness and finds negative entries (i.e. unpaid amounts, debts, etc.), it may happen that he does not want to consider you as a contractual partner and you will not get a new mobile phone tariff.

Even when looking for an apartment, if your landlord has doubts about your creditworthiness, you may not be able to rent or purchase the property of your choice. If you would like to complete real estate financing or need financial support with a loan, a negative SCHUFA entry can lead to your loan application being rejected .

If various companies or individuals are unsure about whether to enter into contracts or agreements with you because they do not consider you creditworthy, various plans and desires of your life cannot be put into effect. In order to avoid such defeats or stumbling blocks, you should continuously check your own SCHUFA information! If you discover unwanted entries during this check, you can have them deleted from your Schufa data record .

Check your Schufa every year

SCHUFA regularly collects information about your creditworthiness: the creditworthiness shown there is not always correct and negative entries can result from identity theft or outdated data and reduce your own creditworthiness. As this could result in the requested loans not being granted and contracts not being able to be concluded or the dream apartment not being able to be rented, consumers should always be aware of which creditworthiness data SCHUFA collects from themselves. In order not to stand in the way of your own dreams, the SCHUFA information should be checked regularly and free of charge!

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