• Benefit from the low interest rate
  • Hardly any effort thanks to the rescheduling service
  • Only one loan installment instead of several
  • Save money with immediate rate relief
  • Fast acceptance and payment
  • Incl. free loan comparison
  • Replace installment loans and real estate financing
  • Guaranteed without upfront costs

Why you should reschedule your loan

The interest rate level is currently at a low point. Loans are now much cheaper than they were a few years ago. If you took out your loan on expensive terms several years ago, you can now benefit from low interest rates with a rescheduling and reduce your costs! Anyone who has even taken out multiple financings and installment loans can quickly lose track of things. A summary and rescheduling of all liabilities will help you to get your finances back in order. Do not be afraid of the effort and let all loans be rescheduled - we will support you!
With a summary of all liabilities in one loan installment you not only get a better overview of all your current monthly expenses, but you can also save a lot of money! Because those who reschedule their loans now get better interest rates, can readjust the term according to the desired rate and only have to serve one instead of several creditors. Use the current low interest rate for your loan rescheduling! The financial experts at Best Credit will be happy to help you with debt restructuring.

Your advantages at a glance:

    • Combine several loans into one rescheduling loan
    • Cost savings through lower interest rates
    • Financial relief through lower monthly payments
    • Better overview of your current liabilities
    • New opportunities through financial leeway

Reschedule credit in next to no time - we support you!

Would you like to reschedule all of your loans immediately and replace them with a cheaper loan that is adapted to your current financial situation? The Best Credit loan experts take a close look at your initial financial situation and create an individual rescheduling offer based on this. Your personal goals and ideas will of course be taken into account. Your rescheduling loan will be tailored exactly to your needs. Let Best Credit reschedule your loan and get financial relief quickly and easily!
Would you like to have your loan repaid, but you don't have time to take care of all the bureaucracy? We take over the complete rescheduling service for you - free of charge and independent of banks! Simply fill out our application form or give us a call. Our experts will be happy to advise you and explain exactly how a loan rescheduling works, what you have to consider and whether it will be worthwhile for you to have your loan rescheduled. With the help of an automated loan comparison, we find exactly the rescheduling loan that suits you best at the push of a button. We will make you an individual offer. Applying for your loan rescheduling is guaranteed without any upfront costs.

Rescheduling loans with credit SUN - you can only benefit!


Overdraft facility, credit card, hire purchase and installment rescheduling

Almost all types of credit can be rescheduled without any problems: You can easily replace your overdraft facility, outstanding credit card balances, your installment loans as well as construction or real estate financing with a cheaper loan. New requirements can of course be financed at the same time when you reschedule your old loans. Despite increasing the loan amount, Best Credit 's credit specialists usually achieve a significant reduction in the monthly loan installment - often by as much as 50%. If necessary, certain loans, such as car financing, can also be excluded from rescheduling. From the 6th month onwards, early partial or full redemption is possible at any time, usually without a prepayment penalty .


“Debt rescheduling is usually worthwhile even if the bank demands a prepayment penalty. But loans can often even be redeemed without a prepayment penalty "

Reschedule loan despite prepayment penalty

With most installment loan offers, special repayment options or even the option of free early full repayment are granted today. But some banks charge their customers a penalty fee for the lost interest income if a loan is repaid early. Before you reschedule your loan, you should therefore find out whether and, if so, to what extent your bank requires a so-called early repayment penalty. Since June 11, 2010, there has been a statutory maximum limit for early repayment penalties, which amounts to a maximum of one percent of the outstanding balance.

Tip: Even if your bank charges you a prepayment penalty, rescheduling can still be worthwhile for you! The amount of the early repayment penalty is usually included in the new loan amount and rescheduled. We will prepare your personal rescheduling offer and calculate for you how much you can save by rescheduling!

It's that easy


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Receive the amount of money you want quickly

Reschedule loan in just a few steps :

No upfront costs. Non-binding inquiry. Without risk.

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Credit conditions for consumer loans according to §6a PAngV (creditworthiness required):

Net loan amounts: 1,000 to 300,000 EURO
Contract terms: 12 to 240 months
eff. Annual interest: 1.93% - 15.99% (depending on creditworthiness)
fixed borrowing rate pa: from 1.92%

Representative example according to §6a PAngV:

Net loan amount 5000 EURO
Contract term 72 months
Monthly Rate 82.62 EURO
Total amount 5948.91 EUROS
Effective interest rate 6.06%
fixed borrowing rate pa: 5.90%

Who is it worth to have a loan repaid?

Basically, the higher your remaining debt and the longer your loan runs, the more it can be worthwhile to reschedule a loan. Because the higher the sums, the greater the interest rate advantage and the greater the overall cost savings. The amount of your current interest rate or the difference between the old and the new interest rate is also decisive for your total savings. This cost advantage can either be used to significantly lower your monthly rate with the same or longer term. Or you can leave the monthly rate at the current level and increase your repayment share accordingly. This will shorten the term and you will be debt free faster. Both are useful and can be used depending on individual goals.

Why it is now particularly cheap to have a loan repaid

Consumers can currently borrow money from the bank at particularly favorable terms. This is mainly due to the fact that the key interest rates of the European Central Bank (ECB) remain at a persistently low level. The ECB has lowered the key interest rate several times in recent years. As a result, the banks have also adjusted their interest rates on installment loans. Many borrowers are now paying too much for their existing loans. If you have your loan rescheduled, all of your liabilities are combined into one low-cost rescheduling loan and your monthly rate is reduced significantly. Instead of serving different creditors on different terms, with a rescheduling loan you only have to pay one monthly installment and gain better control over your liabilities.

Have a loan rescheduled - with the same bank or a new provider?

A loan rescheduling is basically possible with the same bank as well as with another bank. It is advisable to find out the exact remaining debt and remaining term of ongoing loan agreements and to clarify with your bank whether a prepayment penalty will apply in the event of early repayment. Many borrowers want to switch providers when rescheduling their loans. Nevertheless, experts advise you to talk to your previous bank first. It is not uncommon for the bank to accommodate the customer and offer rescheduling at more favorable conditions in order to keep you as a customer.

If your bank does not respond to your concern, it is advisable to carry out a loan comparison and obtain several written offers for a rescheduling loan from other banks. Make the loan comparison only on the basis of specific, written offers, not online using general overview or comparison tables. Because ultimately it is not the two-thirds interest rate that banks indicate on credit comparison sites that decides, but only your individual interest rate after a credit check has been carried out. If you find an offer that offers you significantly better conditions, you shouldn't wait any longer and reschedule your loan as soon as possible.

How much money you can save with a loan rescheduling depends on three factors:

  1. From the amount of the remaining debt
  2. From the remaining term and
  3. The difference between the current and the new loan interest.

Tip: With Best Credit you can save yourself the hassle of an extensive loan comparison - our credit experts take over this service free of charge and find the best rescheduling offer for you! There are no upfront costs for our service - even if you do not sign our loan offer.

Best Credit
 makes it possible

The credit SUN rescheduling service:

  • Non-binding, free of charge and independent of banks!
  • Incl. Debt rescheduling comparison
  • Individual advice from a personal contact
  • Tailored rescheduling offer
  • Without any effort - we take care of the "paperwork" for you!
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Consumer credit directive creates better conditions for debt restructuring

The Consumer Credit Directive, which came into force on June 11, 2010, creates better conditions for borrowers:

  • Loans taken out after June 10, 2010 can be repaid early at any time without observing a period of notice.
  • Banks may charge a prepayment penalty of a maximum of 1% of the outstanding balance, provided the contract is still running for at least 12 months.
  • If the loan has a term of less than 12 months, the maximum amount of the early repayment penalty is only 0.5% of the remaining debt.

If you signed your loan agreement before June 11, 2010, you can usually terminate it with three months' notice. However, the amount of the early repayment penalty is not regulated by law here. Even if you want to reschedule a real estate loan, you should expect a prepayment penalty within the first 10 years. There are no statutory upper limits here.

It is therefore essential that you inquire about the amount of the early repayment penalty before starting your loan rescheduling. These costs should be included in the rescheduling. Often banks that charge high penalty fees for early loan repayment also allow themselves to be talked about and accommodate the customer, especially if the customer uses other products and services at this bank. Particularly in view of the strong competition on the credit market and the migration of many customers to innovative financing solutions from FinTechs, banks have been placing even more emphasis on high customer satisfaction for a number of years and are therefore prepared to make compromises.

Our tips for your successful rescheduling

So that you can reschedule your expensive loan quickly, we would like to give you a few recommendations:

  • Don't take out more credit than you really need when you reschedule. If you do not want to co-finance any new requirements, simply pay off the remaining debt with a cheap rescheduling loan - this saves money and provides a better overview.
  • If you have additional credit requirements and top up the loan amount, this is of course also possible. In doing so, however, we make sure that our customers do not overburden themselves financially with the new monthly rate and that they do not have payment difficulties at some point. Before we make you an offer for your loan rescheduling, we therefore check your monthly income and expenses as well as your SCHUFA score very carefully. Depending on the creditworthiness, possibly the second applicant and / or existing collateral, different loan programs with different conditions can be considered. Since we work with a large number of banks and financing partners, you save yourself an expensive loan comparison - we will find the best offer for your loan rescheduling!
  • The specification of a second borrower in the loan application improves the creditworthiness and represents a certain security for the bank. A second person can have a positive effect on the interest rate of your rescheduling loan. As a result, the total savings can often be increased significantly.
  • In the loan application, enter "Debt rescheduling" as the purpose. In this way, your credit manager knows that your current loan installment is not to be assessed as an expense as part of the credit check, but should be replaced by the new loan installment.

Example: rescheduling a loan and lowering the monthly rate

Before rescheduling
Loans Remaining debt rate
Installment loan € 50,000 695, - €
Installment loan € 10,000 196, - €
Installment loan € 15,000 293, - €
Monthly load € 1,184.00
After the rescheduling
Loans Remaining debt rate
Debt rescheduling installment loans € 75,000 395, - € *
Monthly load 395, - €
* at 4.02% pa nom. + 2.3% repayment

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