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Are you looking for the cheapest loan with the loan comparison and dream of a new car , a house, a cruise or a trip around the world? There are many reasons to get a loan when you don't have enough cash. But how do you get the cheapest loan, because interest rates are currently low. The question is easy to answer: by comparing loans . It offers you the perfect opportunity to get a good overview of the various offers within a very short time with just a few clicks. Under no circumstances should you take out a loan without comparing the numerous loans. In the following guide you will learn how to find the cheapest loan and what to look out for when comparing loans. What requirements and documents are necessary for the loan comparison? This is also explained.

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Credit conditions for consumer loans according to §6a PAngV (creditworthiness required):

Net loan amounts: 1,000 to 300,000 EURO
Contract terms: 12 to 240 months
eff. Annual interest: 1.93% - 15.99% (depending on creditworthiness)
fixed borrowing rate pa: from 1.92%

Representative example according to §6a PAngV:

Net loan amount 5000 EURO
Contract term 72 months
Monthly Rate 82.62 EURO
Total amount 5948.91 EUROS
Effective interest rate 6.06%
fixed borrowing rate pa: 5.90%

Get the cheapest loan with the credit comparison

Due to the steadily rising cost of living, many consumers are less and less able to build up financial liquidity reserves. Urgently necessary purchases, repairs or invoices must therefore be financed through a loan. On the other hand, everyone has certain dreams such as a fancy car, a great trip or other long-cherished wish. A loan is also gladly taken out for this. A good tip, however, is to compare the loans, because the terms can vary considerably. The local house banks are usually unsuitable for comparing loans, as they are usually simply too expensive. The internet offers you not only the cheapest, but also the fastest way to get the best credit. This eliminates travel times, searching for a parking space and waiting times in banks. The interest rates at the direct banks are usually significantly lower than at the branch banks . The reason is that the latter incurs costs for employees and the maintenance of the branch.

Compare loans - it's quick and easy online

If you want to compare loans offline, you have to go to several banks and always have the same conversation with the advisors. This can be very time consuming and inconvenient. In addition, when comparing loans, the bank advisor will only offer loans from your own bank, while all loans are listed in the loan comparison on the Internet. This allows you to quickly and easily compare the conditions of the many different providers from the comfort of your home and compare the loans in no time at all. After entering a few data, you will receive all available offers. You can then see at a glance how high the respective interest is and what amount has to be paid each month. This makes it extremely easy to find the best offer. You can then take out the loan directly online with the lowest interest rates and optimal conditions.

Compare loans - requirements for the loan approval:

  • Minimum age 18 years
  • permanent residence in Germany
  • Open-ended employment contract (trial period concluded)
  • Income above the seizure exemption limit
  • possibly good creditworthiness or creditworthiness, but not a requirement for us with our credit without Schufa
Requirements for online instant loan

How does the loan comparison work on the Internet?

If you want to compare the loans, all you have to do is enter some data. This includes the desired loan amount, term, which can be used to calculate and control the monthly rate, as well as the intended use. Nothing more is necessary. Then, after clicking on “Compare Loans”, you will get a list of many different offers and can therefore compare the loans in peace. The terms of the bank are hidden behind "Tariff details", for example:

  • possible net loan amounts granted by the respective bank
  • different terms that are possible
  • Monthly installments amount
  • possible annual borrowing interest
  • Effective interest rate
  • Information regarding the usual duration of loan approval or denial
  • Background information such as processing or account management fees, regulations for special repayments , etc.
Credit comparison

For a long time now, you no longer have to make an appointment in several bank branches to compare loans. Both the loan application and the conclusion are now easily possible from the PC. Meanwhile, more and more consumers are using the calculator to compare the many loans. The savings can be enormous through a loan comparison. This is especially true for large amounts of money. The interest rates offered by the direct banks are usually well below those of the house banks. They are collected and summarized on a daily basis when comparing loans. So you can see immediately which bank you are currently offering particularly cheap.

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    Advantages of online loan comparison at a glance:

    • Save time by comparing loans on the Internet
    • Compare loans without driving and looking for a parking space
    • A loan comparison offers a quick overview of the cheapest loan
    • Loan approval is often given within a few hours
    • A credit comparison is available to you around the clock for seven days

    Compare loans - what are the key factors?

    It is not just low interest rates that make a good deal when comparing loans. In addition to the effective annual interest rate, which plays the most important role in terms of the interest rate, the option of being able to make free special repayments also makes sense.

    This means the following: If you have more money available, for example because of Christmas bonuses, you can use it to repay the loan in between without having to pay any fees. This shortens the term, which means that there is less interest, which makes the loan cheaper overall. You can select this option in the loan comparison.

    Therefore, you should compare the loans, because you can see that they differ not only in terms of interest rates, but also in terms of other conditions.

    Compare loans

    Compare loans and specify the purpose

    The intended use does not play a role in the classic consumer loans, because the banks grant them freely. So when you compare the loans, you don't have to specify what you want to use the money for. But more and more banks and credit institutions are granting the loans for certain purposes at better interest rates. This should be taken into account when comparing the loans. It can therefore be useful to enter the purpose. Especially for loans with a high credit volume and long terms, many banks require collateral in the form of material assets, life or residual debt insurance. In the case of construction financing without equity capital , for example, the property represents security for the bank and, in the case of a car loan, the vehicle purchased. Even with a poor credit rating, it can be helpful to state the purpose of the loan, because this is then often the only reason for the loan to be granted at all, as the car you have purchased serves as security, for example.

    After the loan comparison, submit the loan application in a few steps:

    • Fill out the application online
    • submit the necessary documents for the examination of the application
    • sign the loan agreement after approval
    • Send contract documents to the bank

    Credit check when comparing credit

    As part of the lending process, there is a credit check. The banks use a variety of information for this purpose. To a large extent, this is done by means of appropriate documents that must be made available to the bank, such as a valid ID, bank statement of the salary account as well as three of the most recent salary statements, employment contract and identification.

    For the latter, the banks work with the PostIdent or VideoIdent procedure. For the former, go to a post office where your identity will be confirmed and sent to the bank. The VideoIdent process is completed via a video chat on the Internet.

    After the loan agreement has been signed and processed by the bank, the money is often released within a few hours, depending on the bank and type of loan. A consumer loan with a short term is usually on the checking account within the next one to three working days.

    Comparison of loan offers

    Why you can save a lot of money with online loan comparison

    Of course, most customers have built up a relationship of trust with their own house bank, so that they turn to this bank first when planning a loan. The disadvantage, however, is that the bank advisor only offers its own banking products, which are usually not the cheapest. You should therefore opt for a loan comparison on the Internet. With just a few clicks and key data, you get a good overview of the numerous offers and can then select the loan with the most favorable terms. The loan comparison works in seconds. It determines the current interest rates and other costs associated with the loan. Do not miss this great opportunity to compare the many loans online in the shortest possible time, free of charge and without obligation. With an earmarked loan, the interest rates are often cheaper than with freely usable loans. Therefore, when comparing loans, enter the purpose of the financing into the calculator.

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