• Particularly favorable conditions for buying a car
  • Take advantage of high cash discounts
  • Fast loan decision and payment
  • Incl. Comparison of all loan offers
  • Support from personal credit advisor
  • Guaranteed without upfront costs or fees

With the car loan from credit SUN , car buyers benefit in several ways

Take advantage of huge dealer discounts with cash payments

Anyone planning to buy a new or used car is spoiled for choice when it comes to financing. There are a variety of financing options - from dealer financing to leasing offers to installment or car loans from the bank . Car dealers often offer their customers suitable financing when they buy a car. At first glance, such offers appear very attractive. But if you take a closer look, you quickly realize that you can actually get away with a low-interest car loan more cheaply than with the supposedly cheap dealer financing. For example, dealers allow customers who pay the full purchase price in cash in one fell swoop, often considerable discounts of up to 20% on the list price , which more than compensate for the interest costs of an author's loan. Therefore, a car loan is usually more profitable than the financing offers of the car dealers themselves.

Special car loan programs with particularly favorable conditions

Basically, any consumer loan is suitable for financing a new or used car. In contrast to the standard installment loan with an unrestricted use, borrowers receive significantly more favorable loan conditions with the car loan, provided that you specify "new / used car" as the purpose in the loan application. Because this way the financing bank knows that the loan amount is matched by a corresponding asset. In the case of special car loan programs, the vehicle letter is deposited with the bank. This brings enormous interest advantages for the borrower. In the calculation example below, we will show you the cost savings that can result in just a few percentage points in the interest rate.

Find the best car loan - with Best Credit 's free credit check

At Best Credit you will quickly find the best individual car loan offer - and that without any lengthy research and comparison. Because your personal credit manager does that for you! From the multitude of car loan offers on the market, your contact person uses your data to determine which car loan offers are suitable for you and recommends the offer that suits you best. So you no longer have to laboriously make several inquiries to different banks, but can sit back and easily determine the best car loan. So that you can reach your goal quickly! Of course, the credit check at Best Credit is 100% free!

Benefit multiple times with the credit SUN car loan

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Fast loan payments straight to your account

Waiting for weeks for the loan to be paid out? That's part of the past! We are aware that our customers today want to be able to act quickly so that they can strike immediately if, for example, they have a good offer from the car dealer. That is why we have optimized our processes so much that we can notify you of a binding credit decision shortly after submitting your credit application. We have access to all loan offers on the market via technical interfaces and are thus able to determine the best car loan offer for you at the push of a button. If you submit your documents to us promptly, you will receive the desired car loan paid out directly to your current account.

Car financing even with current installment loans

You don't have to do without a new car just because you may still have other installment loans going. We take a close look at your current situation, check all options and then make you a concrete offer. Existing liabilities can usually be easily replaced with a cheaper loan. In this way, we usually achieve significant rate relief for our customers. To finance your new car, we simply top up the loan amount as part of the debt rescheduling. We would be happy to examine your individual options!

Sporty convertible, spacious station wagon or innovative electric car? Finance your dream car now!

No matter which car you choose - with the Best Credit car loan you can enjoy several advantages at once! Because with the car loan from Best Credit you not only secure low interest rates, but also often receive huge discounts for cash payments from car dealers.

Car financing

* Example: net loan amount € 10,000, term 120 months, effective annual interest rate 3.69%, fixed borrowing rate pa 3.63%, monthly rate € 99.50, total amount € 11,939.52

Car financing

* Example: net loan amount € 10,000, term 120 months, effective annual interest rate 3.69%, fixed borrowing rate pa 3.63%, monthly rate € 99.50, total amount € 11,939.52

Credit conditions for consumer loans according to §6a PAngV (creditworthiness required):

Net loan amounts: 1,000 to 300,000 EURO
Contract terms: 12 to 240 months
eff. Annual interest: 1.93% - 15.99% (depending on creditworthiness)
fixed borrowing rate pa: from 1.92%

Representative example according to §6a PAngV:

Net loan amount 5000 EURO
Contract term 72 months
Monthly Rate 82.62 EURO
Total amount 5948.91 EUROS
Effective interest rate 6.06%
fixed borrowing rate pa: 5.90%

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Receive the amount of money you want quickly

In a few steps to the car loan:

No upfront costs. Non-binding inquiry. Without risk.

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    For the car loan from credit SUN you should meet these criteria:

    • Minimum age: 18 years
    • Residence in Germany
    • Bank account in Germany
    • Regular income
    • Sufficient creditworthiness
    Requirements for online instant loan

    Get your dream car quickly with the credit SUN car loan!

    Once you've had one, it's hard to do without it: your own car. For many, the car has become absolutely indispensable. For example, those who work in the city and live in the country are often dependent on their own car. But a car is not exactly a small purchase. Buyers often have to dig deep into their pockets, especially when it comes to new cars. Sums in the five-digit range are the rule. Statistics show: Most installment loans in Germany are taken out to finance a new or used car. You too can easily finance your dream car with the Best Credit car loan!

    This is what the Best Credit car loan has to offer:

    • Loan amount between € 5,000 and € 50,000
    • Duration between 12 and 120 months
    • Particularly favorable interest conditions
    • Repayment installments as desired
    • Get huge discounts at the car dealer as a cash payer

    The Best Credit car loan is easy to apply and gives you the peace of mind of getting the best car loan deal on the market. Because Best Credit has access to all loan programs and providers on the market and at the push of a button can find the exact offer for your car loan that best covers your needs and your individual preferences.

    Standard Installment Loan Or Car Loan?

    With the car loan from credit SUN you will get away better!

    Benefit from favorable car loan conditions - we will show you how much a difference of two percentage points can make:

    Standard installment loan Best Credit car loan
    Loan amount € 10,000 € 10,000
    running time 120 months 120 months
    Bound interest rate 5.65% * 3.63% *
    eff. Annual rate 5.79% * 3.69% *
    Monthly Rate € 109.23 € 99.50
    Total amount € 13,107.60 € 11,939.52
    Interest savings car loan

    Car loan from credit SUN or dealer financing?

    With the car loan from credit SUN , you usually drive better!

    In the case of new vehicles in particular, car dealers often make attractive financing offers to their customers, often even " zero percent financing ". What looks like a bargain at first glance turns out to be a sales promotion. It is not without reason that retailers urge their customers to take such zero percent financing. Because dealers still earn more with this than if they grant their customers the customary discounts of 15% on the purchase price when paying cash.

    A simple calculation example should illustrate this: A new MINI Cooper S Countryman costs € 30,000. Let's assume that the buyer would get a car loan with his credit rating at the bank for 4.19% * APR. With a term of 60 months, this corresponds to a monthly rate of € 553.99 and a total of € 33,239.17. If the dealer were to offer the car buyer zero percent financing, he would forego an arithmetical amount of € 3,239.17 (interest income). With dealer financing, the customer would pay the full purchase price in monthly installments to the car dealer over the entire term, without interest, but in the full amount of a total of € 30,000 .

    However, if the buyer were to use the bank's car loan instead of the dealer's zero percent financing, he would have to pay interest costs to the bank, but would likely receive a high discount if the dealer paid cash immediately - depending on the situation in the vehicle market can negotiate. With a discount of 20%, for example, the purchase price is only € 24,000 instead of € 30,000.

    The customer finances this amount of € 24,000 through his bank at an interest rate of 4.19% * with a term of 60 months. The monthly installment in this case is € 443.19 and the total is € 26,591.33. The car buyer incurs interest costs of € 2,591.33, but the absolute sum of € 26,591.33 is well below the original purchase price of € 30,000 that he would have had to pay if he had used the dealer financing .

    So the bottom line is that MINI buyers save a whopping € 3,408.67. This sample calculation shows that when buying a new car by paying cash and financing it with a cheap car loan, you can save several thousand euros.

    * The interest rates listed are exemplary. We would be happy to check for you which individual interest rates you will get.

    Did you actually know:

    Electric cars are currently subsidized by the state. When purchasing an electric car, buyers receive an environmental bonus of € 4,000 for battery-only electric vehicles and fuel cell vehicles as well as € 3,000 for externally chargeable plug-in hybrids (50% federal contribution and 50% own contribution from the car manufacturer).

    Finance your electric car with the Best Credit car loan and get your environmental bonus!

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    Car loan

    Did you actually know:

    Electric cars are currently subsidized by the state. When purchasing an electric car, buyers receive an environmental bonus of € 4,000 for battery-only electric vehicles and fuel cell vehicles as well as € 3,000 for externally chargeable plug-in hybrids (50% federal contribution and 50% own contribution from the car manufacturer).

    Finance your electric car with the Best Credit car loan and get your environmental bonus!

    Good to know: our tips for your car loan

    In principle, any installment loan can be used to buy a car. There are also loan programs on the market that can be used specifically for car purchases. Car loans differ from common installment loans only in that the vehicle letter is deposited with the bank and the borrower receives significantly more favorable interest rates in return. Because in the event of the borrower's insolvency, the bank then has the option of selling the car and thus quickly settling the outstanding liabilities. The bank rewards this security with lower interest rates. Nevertheless, in some cases it can also make sense to consciously fall back on a conventional installment loan without earmarking when buying a car. What is cheaper in the end depends on many factors. Below you will find some examples and tips when an installment loan without earmarking makes more sense and what should be considered with a special car loan:

    • When buying a used car, the asset is often too low and does not provide sufficient security for the financing bank. In the event of a payment default, the residual value of the used car would often not be enough to cover the outstanding debts. Therefore, special car loan programs are primarily suitable for purchasing new vehicles.
    • Anyone who would like to finance several purchases, including a new car, can theoretically apply for a car loan and a consumer loan with a free purpose separately. As a rule, however, it is even cheaper to take out a loan for all projects. The question of whether an installment loan for all or two separate loans is cheaper, however, depends on a number of factors and cannot be answered across the board. For example, there are also car loan offers on the market in which the bank grants the customer - despite earmarking - a share of 20% of the loan amount for free disposal. Ultimately, however, each individual case must be carefully examined and a decision made on the basis of a sound analysis as to which variant is the cheaper.
    • If you already have several installment loans in progress and now also need a car loan, it is advisable in most cases to combine your current liabilities into one loan and to top up the loan amount to the amount required for the car as part of the rescheduling. This has several advantages: The monthly rate can be kept at the same level or even reduced despite the increase in the loan amount. This creates financial leeway and improves your creditworthiness. The number of creditors is reduced: instead of several banks, you only have one creditor to serve, which also has a positive effect on your creditworthiness. In addition, you no longer lose track of your current loan liabilities as quickly as you only pay a constant monthly installment.
    • Regardless of whether you take out a single car loan or reschedule all liabilities in the process - the legislature grants you a special repayment right according to §502 Paragraph 1 or Paragraph 3 BGB. This means that you have the option at any time to partially or completely repay the outstanding balance early. For this, banks may offer you a remaining term of min. 12 months, charge a prepayment penalty of a maximum of 1% of the outstanding balance. If the loan runs for less than 12 months, the amount of the early repayment penalty is limited to a maximum of 0.5% of the remaining debt. This rule applies uniformly to all consumer loans - regardless of whether it is a non-earmarked installment loan or a car loan. Many credit institutions even give their customers free early repayment options.
    • Special car loan programs require that you deposit your vehicle registration document with the bank. This gives the bank security in the event of a loan default and you have the advantage of more favorable interest rates. From a legal perspective, the bank is the owner of the car, the borrower is the owner of the car and can use it indefinitely during the entire term. The so-called "security transfer" has advantages and disadvantages. This makes the loan cheaper, but the borrower also bears a certain risk. Because he is not the owner of the vehicle and therefore cannot freely dispose of the car. Problems can also arise if the driver of the car causes an accident and the value of the car is greatly reduced. Therefore, it should always be carefully weighed before taking out a car loan.
    • If you can no longer pay the monthly installment of your car loan, you don't have to expect the loss of your car. Many banks accommodate their customers with installment breaks or even give them the option of adapting the loan agreement to the new financial possibilities of the borrower - in other words: reducing the loan installment. However, it is important not to simply miss out on loan installments without saying a word, but rather to talk to the financing bank in good time in order to agree on a solution before the bank threatens to terminate the loan or to sell your car.

    Are you still missing the right financing for your dream car?
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