Are you ready for a vacation?

Regardless of whether the sea or the snow-capped summit beckons: you can finance your trip with a holiday loan! Cheap loans for travel finance are your chance not to put off your vacation and pay in small monthly installments.

If you want to finance your vacation, you should pay a lot of attention to comparing the different options. After all, the vacation in installments should be cheap and meet your expectations. A comparison of interest rates is always worthwhile, as it shows you the best options and lets you find the right financing offer. Instead of long saving and postponing the trip, the vacation loan gives you the flexibility to go on trips whenever you want. Vacation finance is suitable for weekend and city trips, for family vacations, for cruises and air travel. Regardless of which destination you want to explore and how long you want to be able to take a break: with low-interest vacation finance, you can relax without ifs or buts. The first installment does not have to be paid before the start of the journey, so that you can start spontaneously and take care of the holiday loan repayment after arrival at home. Use the application form and we will find out which offer suits you best. We will find the cheapest online loan offer for you, so that you don't have to search long and you can directly decide on the cheapest holiday loan .

Our vacation loan offer - your advantages:

Instant loan € 1,000 - € 120,000, even with negative Schufa

Your personal credit manager checks your financial situation based on your information and uses an automated credit comparison to find the loan offer that best meets your wishes and requirements. The Best Credit credit check is of course free of charge for you! Do you have Schufa problems? We also support you with negative Schufa. With Best Credit you get your individual instant loan - guaranteed without advance costs!

Special programs with special conditions, e.g. for property owners

Whether instant loan with payout on the same day, instant loan for rescheduling or instant loan despite Schufa - at Best Credit you get your desired loan with a real credit decision, quick payout and on favorable terms. We have many special loan programs in our portfolio, for example for property owners - with particularly long terms and at extra-favorable conditions. We compare all loan offers on the market and find exactly the instant loan you want.

Bank-independent rescheduling service - you only pay one loan installment!

Do you already have other installment loans running? We take care of the summary of all liabilities at a monthly rate. Debt rescheduling is very easy for you - our rescheduling service is free of charge. Benefit from a rate reduction of up to 50% and gain an overview of your monthly expenses again!

Loan offer

* € 2,000 net loan amount, 48 months term, 4.07% tied borrowing interest, 4.15% eff. Annual interest, monthly rate € 43.76

Credit conditions for consumer loans according to §6a PAngV (creditworthiness required):

Net loan amounts: 1,000 to 300,000 EURO
Contract terms: 12 to 240 months
eff. Annual interest: 1.93% - 15.99% (depending on creditworthiness)
fixed borrowing rate pa: from 1.92%

Representative example according to §6a PAngV:

Net loan amount 5000 EURO
Contract term 72 months
Monthly Rate 82.62 EURO
Total amount 5948.91 EUROS
Effective interest rate 6.06%
fixed borrowing rate pa: 5.90%

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    What reasons speak for the vacation with installment payments

    A vacation gives you new energy for the tasks that await you in everyday life and drain your strength. In any life, extraordinary situations can lead to a moment when you just want to "get away and leave everything behind". If you opt for a vacation loan, you will fulfill this wish regardless of your current financial background. Do you feel exhausted, powerless and overstrained? Then a vacation is just the thing to recharge your batteries and experience new things. A vacation loan, i.e. paying for your trip in installments, bridges financial bottlenecks and lets you decide freely. A shortage in the household budget, a necessary repair or a new purchase actually speak against the vacation? With a vacation loan, you don't have to worry about that! A good reason for a vacation loan is if you've been dreaming of a long-haul trip. Despite the trip, you remain financially flexible, as you can easily repay the amount for your flight and accommodation in monthly installments that match your earnings. A last minute offer attracts attention. But if you don't have the money to book, you will unfortunately not be able to benefit from the dream trip. With a vacation loan, you are well advised and can benefit from the advantages of quick approval and disbursement.

    The credit SUN vacation loan
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    Vacation credit

    Minimum requirements for a vacation loan with credit SUN

    Requirements for online instant loan
    • Minimum age: 18 years
    • Residence in Germany
    • Bank account in Germany
    • Regular income
    • Sufficient creditworthiness

    Who is a vacation loan suitable for?

    In general, there is no exclusion when it comes to vacation loans. You can use the financing if you do not want to use your savings reserves for the trip. You can finance if you want to travel spontaneously and the money you have saved is insufficient.

    The vacation loan gives you the chance to visit extraordinary travel destinations and, for example, book a long-haul trip. Since you repay the financing in small monthly amounts, you don't have to calculate the travel price as tightly as you would with cash payments.

    Have you got a few days off at the company and would like to spend this time in another country or city? Then a vacation loan is the best solution, as you have the money quickly available and can spend the days off as you like.

    Anyone who has built or bought a house and has paid off real estate financing does not have to do without vacation. You can finance the trip and pay for a vacation in installments thanks to the cheap offers despite the loan being open. You can choose holiday financing as a couple or family and as a single alike. Even if you travel with colleagues, a vacation on credit is definitely a good idea. Since you can easily get a loan for the holiday and choose a holiday with installment payments even if you have limited creditworthiness, there are hardly any restrictions on the holiday loan.

    The vacation loan from credit SUN - many advantages, no risk!

    Schnelle Kreditzusage

    Limited creditworthiness: is a vacation loan still possible?

    Exclamation mark

    A query of your creditworthiness is not a general requirement for vacation loans.

    There are various ways to consider vacation in installments despite Schufa. Especially with smaller loan amounts, for example for a short vacation or a package tour, you can find various offers with fair Schufa or without any credit check .

    Whether you opt for the general avoidance of the Schufa or for a fair credit check depends on your solvency. If you know entries in the Schufa, a vacation on credit with credit check-free financing options can be worthwhile.

    The fact is: even if you are in the Schufa, you can finance the vacation and do not have to do without the trip you want. You should know that the interest rate for the vacation loan is also related to the credit rating. Even if there are loans for vacation in installments without a credit check, the focus on an offer with a fair Schufa check can be worthwhile. In the case of minor creditworthiness restrictions, the vacation loan will not be rejected. The range of options increases and you get lower interest rates than with loans that do not require a credit check.

    The comparisons on the Internet do not pose a risk to your creditworthiness, so that you do not generate any further negative features when you calculate the vacation loan and compare the offers.

    Use these tips to save on credit while on vacation

    Finance vacation in installments

    Our savings tip for your vacation loan:

    • Second borrower
    • Short term
    • if necessary offer collateral for the bank
    • Take a free credit card with you for an emergency vacation

    Are you traveling with your partner, family or a colleague? Then it is worthwhile if you also apply for the holiday loan for two. With a second borrower, you save money and benefit from optimal interest savings.

    After filling out our contact form, we will find the best offers for you with an interest rate that allows you to enjoy the trip twice as relaxing. More and more vacationers are choosing to borrow money, even if they could easily finance the trip from their reserves. Since unpredictable expenses cannot be planned, your "nest egg" should not be used as vacation pay.

    You can keep the term for the vacation loan as short as possible. A shorter term reduces the interest noticeably. This savings option is only suitable if you can repay the higher installments without restriction. Otherwise, you will also save with a vacation loan with small installments, as you avoid repayment problems and find a cheap offer compared to interest rates.

    The best savings tip is the second borrower. Alternatively, you can also name a surety or provide some other form of security, for example a capital-forming insurance. The better you secure the loan, the lower the interest rates and the greater your benefits.

    Conclusion - a loan for vacation can be so practical!

    Travel financing offers low interest rates and completely new possibilities. Do you want to travel with your family and finance your vacation? Or are you considering whether you can get financing for the vacation in installments despite Schufa? A vacation loan gives you the chance to flexibly determine the time of travel and the destination and not be dependent on your existing budget. If you take out a loan for the trip, use our application form! You can find cheap offers for a vacation loan in different amounts and therefore for every trip!

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