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Beware of buying on account: creditworthiness can suffer!

Purchase on invoice

More and more online shops and payment service providers are offering it. Customers now also have this option at the largest online retailer Amazon. Purchase on account is quick and easy. Often times, no additional fees are even charged for this service. Consumers can thus spend money that may not even be in their own account - the bill is usually collected with at least two weeks delay. In addition, the purchase on account ensures a certain feeling of security, because you as the customer first receive the goods and then have to make the payment. But actually buying on account also carries risks: Does the creditworthiness suffer from this payment method and what recommendations can we give you here.

The seller is at risk when buying on account

If a provider offers you a service or a product for purchase on account, they naturally run a certain risk. It is entirely possible that you do not have the necessary creditworthiness, but are already holding the product in your hands before making the actual payment. In the past, mail order companies have been particularly accommodating when it comes to payment methods. However, this often led to customers not being able to pay the bill in the end. It is not without reason that payment service providers such as PayPal have established themselves today, especially in online trading. As trustees, these providers ensure that the seller receives his money in any case. When purchasing on account, the online shop bears the risk itself in most cases. For this situation he wants to protect himself by asking about the buyer's creditworthiness. For this purpose, credit agencies such as SCHUFA are consulted - which draws its own conclusions from many invoice purchases. In fact, a frequent request to SCHUFA is rated as negative. Customers, for whom SCHUFA information is often obtained, are, from the point of view of the organization, characterized by possibly lavish consumption. In addition, a frequent purchase on account also indicates that your own financial resources are scarce. If this were not the case, the amounts could also be paid in advance. It does not matter that the customer has chosen this payment method for convenience.

Deterioration of the SCHUFA score when purchasing on account

This negative Schufa rating of purchases on account also applies if you pay all the bills reliably and on time. Even the request for creditworthiness is rated negatively. The same also applies to installment purchases of classic consumer goods such as smartphones. If possible, you should avoid the supposedly higher convenience of purchase on account. A lower rating at SCHUFA ultimately ensures that you may be denied loans or the conditions for this are less favorable. Just a few tenths of the percentage of the APR ensure that the cost of borrowing can become considerably more expensive for higher amounts. So it is better: Always pay in advance so as not to cause unnecessary measures such as these to lower your creditworthiness. If you do not have sufficient funds to pay for a purchase in advance, it is better to borrow the money from friends or relatives, for example - and thus keep the financial bottleneck hidden from SCHUFA. Otherwise, whenever possible, the purchase should be postponed until direct payment is possible.

Better to avoid bill purchases

Even if the inhibition threshold is very low these days: In your own interest, you should definitely avoid buying on account. Most providers ask SCHUFA in advance to ensure the customer's creditworthiness. Even with positive feedback, your creditworthiness will decrease in the eyes of the credit agency. The reason lies in the assessment of your consumer behavior, which suggests low financial resources - and could possibly indicate that you will no longer be able to service future loans on a permanent basis. If financial bottlenecks are the reason why you are looking to purchase on account, you should ask friends for money or postpone the purchase - and then pay in advance. We also recommend that you request Schufa information free of charge every year so that you can always keep an eye on your Schufa score !

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