The civil servant loan at particularly favorable conditions

Civil servants, teachers and people in the public service have the great advantage over employees in the private sector or the self-employed that they receive a regular income and have a particularly secure job - they are virtually permanent. This is why they often have a special status at banks and credit institutions and are considered a particularly attractive customer group.

The creditworthiness of civil servants is generally classified as very good due to the secured income and the risk of default is forecast as minimal. The lending rates that banks grant this group of people are correspondingly low. In addition, particularly long terms of up to 120 months are easily possible with civil servant loans. The maximum loan amount for civil servants can be up to € 125,000.

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The Best Credit civil servant loan:

  • Loan amount up to € 125,000
  • Terms of up to 120 months
  • No earmarking

There is no earmarking, which means that officials can freely dispose of the money and use it flexibly. So it is up to the civil servant whether he uses the loan to finance, for example, a new car, home furnishings, a dream wedding or a long-haul trip. The civil servant loan is also suitable for rescheduling existing loans, with the aim of a significantly reduced monthly rate. In particular, civil servants who have taken out several loans or who frequently use their overdraft facility will do better in the long term with a debt rescheduling using a civil servant loan. In addition to lower interest rates, rescheduling officials also gain better control over their liabilities and bring order to their financial budgets.

The civil servant loan offers many advantages:

  • Low monthly rates
  • Particularly favorable interest
  • Special repayments and early repayment

Who is the Best Credit civil servant loan aimed at?

If you are a government employee and want a civil servant loan cheaply and in the long term at low interest rates, you have come to the right place. Our civil service loan is interesting for state or federal civil servants from the age of 25. The applicant should not be over 57 years of age. A permanent residence in Germany and an account in Germany are also required for a civil servant loan. We would be happy to make you an individual offer. The loan application guarantees you will not incur any upfront costs .

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Civil servant loan or civil servant loan?

A basic distinction is made between a civil servant loan and a civil servant loan. While the civil servant loan is a particularly cheap installment loan with annuity repayment and long terms, the civil servant loan is a bullet loan in combination with a capital life insurance. The civil servant loan is paid back to the bank in monthly installments like a consumer loan. In the case of a loan for civil servants, on the other hand, the borrower does not pay his repayment installments directly to the bank, but into a capital life insurance policy. The interest is paid monthly to the bank. When the insurance expires, the loan is fully repaid. One advantage of a civil servant loan is that it protects the debtor's family. In the event of death, the insurance pays the agreed death benefit. This should be the same as the loan amount so that the loan is repaid. This in turn makes residual debt insurance superfluous. The insurance taken out is usually capital-forming. The maturity benefit with the generated surpluses therefore exceeds the loan amount. In this case, after the loan has been repaid, the civil servant receives the remaining sum from the insurance.

The two terms civil servant loan and civil servant loan are often used synonymously in practice. However, the products that are behind it are quite different and should not be confused with one another.

Reduced civil service loan risk for lenders and borrowers

For civil servants, the repayment of their civil servant loan is very easy to plan. Civil servants have a secure income and can therefore plan income and major acquisitions precisely in the medium to long term and are practically non-terminable. Therefore, the risk with a civil servant loan is relatively low not only for the bank, but also for the borrower himself. Self-employed or freelancers, for example, bear the full risk alone and have to fight every month to maintain the income level. Civil servants are not exposed to this risk. For this reason, the hurdle to take out a loan is significantly lower for civil servants. You don't have to worry that some months your income may not be enough to pay the monthly installment. Civil servants are far less likely to default than most other professions.

Easy application and quick availability for civil servant loans

The loan for civil servants and employees in the public sector offers a high degree of flexibility on attractive terms and is quick and easy to apply for. The interests of the public employee or the civil servant always come first with the Best Credit civil servant loan. Due to the long loan term, the repayment rate for the loan application can be set relatively low. However, if a shorter term for the loan is desired, this request can of course also be met. A high degree of flexibility is also guaranteed in terms of the intended use and the repayment modalities. Because special payments can shorten the term if necessary. If the civil servant gets into financial difficulties during the repayment phase, it is also possible, by arrangement, to suspend repayment of the civil servant loan for a certain time in order to create new financial leeway.

The civil servant loan at Best Credit can be applied for just as quickly and easily using our online loan form as our instant loan. Based on the data entered, we are able to make a real credit decision and to make you a concrete offer in a timely manner. If our loan offer meets your expectations, then submit your documents to us. Paying out your official loan to your account is particularly quick at Best Credit and can be done within a few days.

Checking your data and preparing an individual offer is of course not associated with any costs for you.

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