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Rental cars on vacation - what to look for when renting a car abroad!

Rental car on vacation

Many tourists also want to be as mobile as possible at their holiday destination. But when and where should the rental car best be booked on vacation ? It is also important which traffic rules apply in the respective travel destination. The following guide gives practical tips for renting a car abroad and shows how you can avoid unnecessary costs when renting a car abroad.

Regardless of whether it's an extensive road trip through the United States of America or just the way from the airport to your Spanish holiday home: in many places renting a car abroad is inevitable. However, booking a rental car can be more complicated than booking a trip itself.

Rent at home or on site?

There are some factors and conditions that need to be considered when considering a rental car on vacation. Often the offer that seems cheapest at first glance is not the cheapest option at all. It is best to book the rental car at home. We recommend booking a rental car via a German website. The advantage is that the contract for the rental car on vacation is written in German and you can read exactly what is being signed. In this way, it is possible to see in detail which services are included in renting a car while on vacation and which policies are not required and can therefore be rejected. 1

Rental vehicle for business trips or school holidays

The cost structure of the major car rental providers is explained in detail on the websites and in the general terms and conditions. It depends on various factors whether it should be booked in advance or shortly before the start of the trip. For example, it is crucial here whether the rental car is needed during the school holidays or whether a business traveler is traveling alone.

If the trip takes place during the high season, the rental car should be taken care of as early as possible. It is even possible to get real bargains in the form of early bird offers. However, there is no general advice as to whether it is cheaper to book the rental car directly with the landlord or via the Internet. There are also so-called rental car brokers, through which the offer of rental car booking is additionally supplemented. Above all, it is important to carefully study the conditions for the rental car and to focus on the things that are particularly important in the individual case.

Additional services can make the rental car expensive

Additional costs are incurred, for example, if a second driver is to be entered. The costs for this can be significantly higher, especially if the second driver is under 25 years of age. The so-called one-way rental, ie that the vehicle is handed in elsewhere, can lead to additional costs. The only thing that helps here is an intensive comparison of the offers or rescheduling the planned route. Car rental companies often calculate the costs for this right from the start, car brokers often calculate these additionally, so that they have to be provided on site at the respective partner car rental.

Refueling and insurance

Insurance is also a sensitive issue. Because, both the different insurance models of the rental car companies as well as your own foreign insurance company can be used. The amount of the deductible that has to be paid in the event of damage plays a special role here. Ideally, this is an amount of zero euros. In contrast, the sum insured should be as high as possible.

There are also different models for the rules for refueling. Here you can choose between Full Empty and Full Full. Full full means that the vehicle is handed over to the renter with a full tank of fuel and that he or she returns it with a full tank. The second option, Full Empty, means that the vehicle is handed over with a full tank of fuel and that it is returned with an empty tank. The main difference between the two models is their price.

Before doing this, familiarize yourself with the traffic regulations of the respective country

Vacationers should familiarize themselves with the customs and rules that apply in the respective vacation country before starting their journey. This includes the speed control, special right of way rules, special features of the light requirement and the like. In North America, for example, there is the 4-way stop, which describes that at the intersection, whoever has reached it first, always continues. Anyone who is not familiar with these regulations with their rental car while on vacation risks falling into the trap. This money should be saved for nicer things on vacation.

You should consider this when booking a rental car!

If you are looking for a rental car on vacation, you should book it on a German website before you start your journey. It is important to read the clauses and details of the lender carefully. You will also receive the contract with the clauses on site, but it could be in the local language or in English. In many cases, you can get the rental vehicle for less on the Internet than on site. To avoid problems later, you should check the rental car carefully for damage. If the damage is not listed when you pick it up, you should definitely report the defect. If you book the car for several days, it is also worth taking out fully comprehensive insurance abroad! So you can enjoy your vacation carefree.

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