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Buying a used car - should you buy the used car from a dealer or from a private person?

Buy a used car from a dealer or privately

Researching the Internet is a good way to get a first impression of the prices and available offers for buying a used car. However, the internet is not the best, and by far not the only one, when it comes to buying a used car.

Buying a used car offers a number of advantages: The loss in value of a car is not as high as that of a new car. However, many consumers are wondering whether they should buy a used car from a dealer or privately . When it comes to buying a used car, there are options to buy the car from a branded dealer, from private customers or from an independent used car dealer. Depending on the requirements, there are special advantages and disadvantages.

Buy used cars from private customers - always only with a sales contract!

Most of the risks exist when buying a used car privately. If the respective consumer is not very familiar with vehicles himself, a specialist should definitely be taken along for the inspection. Before the used car is actually bought privately, the vehicle should always be checked by an expert or a workshop if possible. If the respective seller reacts positively to such a suggestion, this is a good sign. If he refuses, this is an indication that it is better not to buy the car.

All statements about the mileage (to prevent odometer fraud ) and that the car is accident-free should be confirmed in writing. To do this, use a ready-made sales contract for the car purchase on the Internet. The handing over of the check and service book should also be insisted on. This makes it possible to check whether the inspections were carried out regularly on the vehicle.

Can the liability when buying a car from private

In contrast to buying a used car from a dealer, it is possible for private individuals to exclude liability for any defects in the vehicle in the sales contract. This means that the guarantee, which is mandatory from a commercial dealer, does not apply to private purchases of used cars. Therefore, consumers have the least security with this variant. There are no warranty claims here. However, the advantage of buying a used car privately is that the price range is usually very large. When a vehicle is bought privately, a written sales contract must never be dispensed with. However, if there is malicious deception when buying a car from a private person, such as the concealment of an accident, you also have certain rights to withdraw from the purchase contract when buying a car privately.

Buying a used car from a brand dealer

There are very few risks for consumers when buying their new used car from a branded dealer. The standards of the vehicles offered are very high here, as these are specified by TÜV or DEKRA. Customers can therefore usually be sure that the vehicles have been thoroughly checked and that an objective market value assessment has been carried out by a specialist.

Since it is a workshop-checked vehicle, the dealer offers a used vehicle guarantee. It is also certain here that all things relating to the sales contract are carried out correctly - after all, it is an established specialist company and brand partner. It is often also possible to trade in the old vehicle at the brand dealer. Registration and deregistration is also normally done by the dealer. This makes buying a used car from a brand dealer very convenient and safe.

The disadvantage is that the prices for the vehicle at an authorized dealer are higher and usually non-negotiable. The possibility of really getting a bargain is slim here. Nevertheless, customers also receive the statutory warranty when they buy a used car from the dealer - a point that should not be neglected.

Buying a used car from an independent dealer

There is a large number of independent used car dealers on the market. These are dealers who specialize in selling only used vehicles. Consumers should exercise some caution here. The seriousness of a used car dealer should always be ensured. 1

It is advisable if the dealer has a type of points check system and the vehicles have been awarded a seal of approval for used vehicles. This is available from TÜV or DEKRA, for example. Such a seal confirms that the components, functions and the condition of the vehicle have been extensively checked. In this way, the consumer can be sure that everything is in order both electronically and technically. The prices at these dealers are usually lower than those at authorized dealers.

The independent used car dealers also offer attractive offers for used car warranties and accept the old vehicle in payment. Consumers who are not looking for a specific model are particularly well advised to go to independent dealers. The offer is diverse and the commercial activity requires a statutory warranty obligation. All agreements should be recorded in writing in the purchase contract - because the dealer is not liable for defects that are known to both parties at the time of purchase.

Buying a car from a dealer or privately - which choice is the right one for you?

The question of whether you should buy a used car from a dealer or from a private person cannot be answered across the board. Those who place a particularly high value on security are properly advised by an authorized dealer or at least a reputable independent dealer. If a low price is particularly important, then buying privately is a good solution. However, to be safe, the vehicle should be checked by an independent party prior to purchase.

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