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If no credit can be taken out from German direct, major or house banks, the only alternative is often to choose a bank from Switzerland for lending. Swiss banks generally do not check the borrower’s Credit Bureau, which is why a negative Credit Bureau entry is irrelevant in this case.

Nevertheless, serious Swiss loans must first be found, because, as always in the economy, there are of course so-called “black sheep” in the credit system. Using an independent and reliable loan comparator on the Internet, you can quickly find loans from Swiss banks that are serious on the one hand, but on the other hand that do not check the borrower and applicant’s work.

Loan with credit system

Loan with credit system

Seriousness in the credit system, especially in German and Swiss banking, is characterized by the fact that no upfront costs for a loan are due. Many Swiss banks and credit institutions have existed on the market for several decades and have been able to make a positive and respected name in the banking industry.

Borrowers can then also rely on these banks not only to protect the borrower’s data, but also to maintain fair and understandable conditions in the loan agreement. Serious Swiss loans can be found quickly using the loan calculator, where it can usually be specified that only Swiss banks would like to be included in the spending list.

Serious loans also require collateral

Serious loans also require collateral

It goes without saying that reputable banks in Switzerland operate just as transparently and comprehensibly as German banks do. As a result, borrowers must have a minimum level of credit to be able to get a loan. While dubious credit institutions advertise to take on every borrower, regardless of their debt and financial situation, reputable banks only promise what they can do: granting loans to financially stable and secured people who can repay a loan and not the risk bear to enter into excessive debt at any time.

In terms of terms, serious Swiss loans are very similar to German loans, because here too the loan amount including interest is repaid over a fixed period of x months. Whether or not a processing fee will be charged can be found out in advance using the loan calculator. At reputable banks, the borrower never has to make advance payments.

If fees are due, they are always offset against the final installment of the loan or paid proportionally over the entire term. A credit institution that forces the borrower to pay money in advance, only for the review of the application, can generally be considered dubious. There are also many alternatives in Swiss banking where fees can be saved entirely.

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