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Immediately after the application, you will receive the contact details of your personal credit advisor for competent support.

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Our services in detail

Instant loan
Benefit from our favorable conditions and make your wishes come true.
Our real loan decision speeds up loan approval.

Rescheduling loan
Reduce your monthly installments and replace current loans with a rescheduling loan!
Low monthly rates through a rescheduling loan!

Loan for the self-employed and corporate loan
New opportunities for self-employed & companies to get a loan!
Use new digital & global financial markets!

Civil servant loan
We offer special loan programs for civil servants and employees in the public sector.
Benefit from long terms and low interest rates!

Mortgage lending without equity
You can build a house or purchase a property without equity.
Best Credit will find the right loan program for you.

Construction financing despite Schufa
From now on we have the solution for your dream property. A negative Schufa does not have to be an obstacle to purchasing real estate.
A construction financing despite negative Schufa is possible!

Modernization loan
The modernization loan is intended for every property owner and has many advantages! Favorable conditions and low monthly rates.
The modernization loan - the increase in value for your property!

Buy property without equity
The real estate market is booming! Today it is possible to acquire a real estate loan without equity!
Take advantage of the low interest rate phase!

Loan for BAföG repayment
With a rescheduling loan for a BAföG repayment, you save several thousand euros.
If the amount is repaid all at once, a discount of up to 50% is possible.

credit without
In the event of a negative Schufa, we can help you. Even in difficult cases.
Best Credit arranges your loan without SCHUFA without advance costs.

Foreclosure credit
A real estate loan can help you with foreclosure & negative Schufa!
A loan at foreclosure is possible!

The personal loan
It couldn't be more convenient: At the push of a button, Best Credit compares all personal loan offers available on the market and determines the offer that best suits you.

Thats what our customers say:

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Exclusive advantages at home and abroad. Get your toll-free credit card now!

The fee-free Mastercard Gold is a flexible and globally accepted means of payment. It includes the excellent advantages of a gold credit card - without any fees.

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The instant loan offers quick financial help

In many situations, the time factor plays an essential role in borrowing - whether to be able to bridge financial bottlenecks quickly or not to miss a decent discount for cash payments when buying a car or a fitted kitchen. In such cases, a loan that is paid off particularly quickly is the right choice. In principle, the instant loan is a normal installment loan, only with the advantage that the application can be made conveniently over the Internet and the borrower receives a response shortly after submitting the online form as to whether the loan is granted. Instant loans can be used for a wide variety of purposes, for example as a car loan, small loan or for debt rescheduling.

Efficient loan application process for instant loans

Depending on the credit institution, the term instant loan is sometimes interpreted differently, which must be checked before taking out the loan. In many cases, it is all about the immediate confirmation that online providers provide within a few minutes. Based on the information provided by the applicant, such as the loan amount, term and probable creditworthiness, a computer-based calculation is carried out to determine whether the loan is likely to be granted under these circumstances. The actual instant loan is not limited to a quick inquiry and credit decision, but is primarily characterized by particularly fast processing and disbursement. If the data entered in the loan application leads to a positive decision, the borrower will promptly receive a concrete offer with binding loan conditions from Best Credit . The applicant then only has to submit missing documents such as proof of income by post. If the borrower quickly makes his contribution to the immediate payment of his loan, the desired amount will be in the account within a few working days. The online instant loan thus offers an enormous time advantage compared to the classic bank loan.

Accelerate the payment of the instant loan

In addition to the quick online loan application, quick data processing and quick loan processing, the payment of the instant loan can also be accelerated: If the bank already knows your Schufa score due to existing loans, can assess your creditworthiness and nothing has changed in your living conditions , there may be a payout without renewed proof of income. However, this variant is less common, which is why you as a potential borrower should have important documents about collateral and your ongoing income to hand. It is therefore advisable to have all the necessary documents ready when filling out the loan application. In this way, you are able to enter exact data in the application form and to be able to send us the necessary evidence directly when a loan is approved.

The quick way to your rescheduling loan!

Reschedule credit

Get rid of unnecessary installments!

Simply reschedule your loan and become worry-free.

You want to achieve clarity and a rate reduction in your private finances by summarizing rates.

Use the rescheduling loan for rate reduction and clarity so that you only have to pay one installment to one place.

We would be happy to make you an individual offer or you can use our competence team on the phone or by email if you have any questions.

Of course, you will not incur any upfront costs for the loan application.

Apply for a rescheduling loan

What to consider with the instant loan

The disbursement of a loan can be delayed if the applicant has entered inaccurate or incorrect information in his loan application online. Therefore, when applying for your loan, pay particular attention to the correctness of all data. Because even a typing error in name and address can delay the Schufa check carried out by the bank. The term and loan amount should also be determined in advance. Because every change to these basic conditions leads to the creation of a new loan agreement and delays the payment. So think about the term and the maximum monthly rate that you will be able to pay before you apply. The better you prepare for your loan application, the faster your loan can be paid off. Regardless of this, it is very easy to apply for an instant loan on the Internet and, if you have sufficient creditworthiness, have the money within a few days. We will be happy to help you with any questions and show you how uncomplicated it is nowadays to apply for an online loan with a quick credit decision.

Current information

The credit SUN arranges loans for everyone - from the instant loan to the debt rescheduling loan, the loan for the self-employed or corporate loan , the loan without Schufa to the civil servant loan or construction financing. We support a wide range of different customer groups with our numerous loan programs. Find out more on our topic pages and benefit from our 25 years of experience.

We have been developing instant loan programs since 1991
Using the latest technology, internal analysis programs and our experienced staff, we will find the right loan for you too! When you apply for an instant loan, the data entered from the application form is first evaluated and processed in order to be able to offer exactly the loan program that best suits the applicant's requirements. We work with all of the major banking partners in the market and regularly develop new loan programs together. This enables us to regularly grant our customers new special conditions or improved acceptance guidelines.

Our goal is a discreet and fast processing with favorable conditions. Our partner, GreenDay is a fast lender. As soon as you apply for your instant loan, we can usually send you an offer within 24 hours, which you can examine in peace.

The real credit decision
Our instant loan application form is a little more precise than other installment loan applications. We are clearly different from the application processes of our competitors, who mostly only ask for master data, but on the basis of which no bank can create a valid loan offer.

With us you can apply for an instant loan with a real credit decision!

The loan offer prepared on your behalf is guaranteed to be non-binding.
There are no costs for the inquiry and processing.
You can rely on it.